ate meat and cheese and feel sick?

For the past two months I’ve been living alone, my diet has been very vegan. Lots of protein and fiber through lentils, almond butter and flax seed and tons of veggies with homemade chickpea dip. A few berries and very dark chocolate every now and then. Tons of water and green tea. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight without intending too but I’ve been feeling great.

Until this weekend.

I took the weekend to visit my family and my family wanted to celebrate my return by cooking every rich, gluten-loaded, sugar-encrusted, cheesy-drenched, meaty thing imaginable. Not wanting to offend, I ate a good serving of EVERYTHING. Now I feel so bloated and sick I can’t even lay down comfortably.

I’m worried about feeling worse and regaining the weight I’ve lost. Is there anything I can do to lose the bloat or at least, not feel so sick?

bad excuse and you deserve it.

Drink as much water as you can to wash out all the bad stuff (toxins bactiria etc) , take benefiber (8 spoons max) if you can, get as much fiber as you can and do some exercise when you feel alittle better, get a good amount of sleep. The bloating will go away in the morning or in a day or two. Get back on track and next time let them know your vegan before you make plans to go visit them. Sleep the pain off.

Unfortunately, thats what happens when you dont eat a specific food for a long time. Try drinking some more green tea, plenty of water, and maybe take a gas-x (it helps with bloating). Or walking and stretching. I also find that a hot bubble bath helps relax my stomach and some comfort food.

Grease and fat interior animal protein. we don’t have the comparable enzymes in our stomachs as lions and different meat ingesting animals. Your physique has to do lots artwork to digest animal protein. in case you had those enzymes it must be diverse, yet you do no longer. lots power is given only on your digestive gadget once you consume that , what in certainty is, junk meals on your gadget. it extremely is like taking a load of cardboard bins out- all tape wrapped, lined in staples, plastic action picture, a number of them wood and nails, and saying &quot:get those broken down to your digestion&quot:. it is how lots worry meat and dairy may be. as adversarial to single sheet mild-weight recycled cardboard without tape, already flattened. All you may desire to do is placed them interior the recycling bin. that often is the veg eating habitual. uncooked eating habitual is while the stuff is going straight away into the recycling bin. The ill element- fat is the longest to digest ingredient on your abdomen. Animal fat is a lot worse than plant fat, that are soluble. What does cheese do while it is something yet warm? It solidifies. comparable for meat fat.

If you CHOOSE to be vegan then be vegan! im giving up allllll my dairy as of right now but i could not ever ever ever put a meaty thing in my mouth! You might not regain the weight from that but dont do it again, Take some like Gas X Pepto-Bismol Tums ect
BTW the cheese/milk isnt the worst thing but the meat Yuck!
you will probably have a bad tummy ache all night im guessing but idk cuz i havent had meat est i became veggie

Nope, its the sodium and protein is hard to digest. Also the cheese is dairy and will cause gas. Just drink a bunch of water and maybe go for a walk?

There’s not really much you can do besides wait it out. You could try ginger tea though to soothe your stomach, and drink lots of water

Haha sucks to be you.

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