Why would 9-11 be a conspiracy and who profited?

Why would the American Government Attack itself? Im sure it has never been done before by any other government:

People think the Nazi’s burned down the Reichstag to help consolidate their power.

According to wikipedia: In the 1931 Mukden incident, Japanese officers fabricated a pretext for annexing Manchuria by blowing up a section of railway. Six years later, they falsely claimed the kidnapping of one of their soldiers in the Marco Polo Bridge Incident as an excuse to invade China proper.

In the Gleiwitz incident in August 1939, Reinhard Heydrich made use of fabricated evidence of a Polish attack against Germany to mobilize German public opinion and to fabricate a false justification for a war with Poland. This, along with other false flag operations in Operation Himmler would be used to mobilize support from the German population for the start of World War II in Europe.

On November 26, 1939 the Soviet Union shelled the Russian village of Mainila near the Finnish border. The Soviet Union attacked Finland four days after the Shelling of Mainila. Some Russian historians have claimed that the Finns shelled themselves with the intent of later attacking the Soviet Union. This theory is not shared by most historians, and Russia has agreed that the attack was initiated by the Soviets. Also, the nearest Finnish artillery pieces were well outside the range needed to shell Mainila. In 1994, the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin denounced the Winter War, agreeing that it was a war of aggression.

In 1953, the U.S. and British-orchestrated Operation Ajax used &quot:false-flag&quot: and propaganda operations against the democratically elected leader of Iran, Mohammed Mosaddeq. Information regarding the CIA-sponsored coup d’etat has been largely declassified and is available in the CIA archives.[4]

In 1954, Israel sponsored bombings against US and UK interests in Cairo aiming to cause trouble between Egypt and the West.[5] This operation, latter dubbed the Lavon Affair cost Israeli defense minister Pinhas Lavon his job. Israel (where it is known as &quot:The Unfortunate Affair&quot:) finally admitted responsibility in 2005.[6]

The planned, but never executed, 1962 Operation Northwoods plot by the U.S. Department of Defense for a war with Cuba involved scenarios such as hijacking a passenger plane, sinking a U.S. ship, burning crops and blaming such actions on Cuba. It was authored by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, nixed by John F. Kennedy, came to light through the Freedom of Information Act and was publicized by James Bamford.

Former GRU officer Aleksey Galkin[7], former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko [8] and other whistleblowers from the Russian government and security services have asserted that the 1999 Russian apartment bombings that precipitated the Second Chechen War were false flag operations perpetrated by the FSB, the successor organization to the KGB. Galkin has since then, recanted these accusations which he had asserted when a prisoner of Chechen rebels.

And who Profited from the attacks on september 11th, 2001?
I question you for facts please and no ill-minded hate towards either side of the &quot:official story&quot:.

The WTC towers were brought down by controlled explosions…The terrorists couldn’t successfully fly a passenger plane but they were somehow able to accurately fly a computer operated Boeing 737 into each of the WTC towers…Jokes… If Saudis were responsible, whats with the attack on Iraq? Weapons of mass destruction? Really? And what invisible plane crashed into WTC Building 7? Yeah our government is clever. People believe what they wanna believe. Sooner rather than later people wont be able to ignore the truth anymore. By that time though those people will all be externally reliant for their survival that the harsh truth will be their reality.

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To answer your question, yes, I do believe in a conspiracy regarding 9-11, but only one of them: That is the Govt’ version of the events of that day. If the declared version of events and the Commission report issued after it is not a conspiracy by the banking and industrial elites that run our economic and national sovereignty, than nothing is. Really though, the greatest reason to believe in this version as a conspiracy is History. The biggest problem we have in this country is in one of the answers provided here, and I am paraphrasing &quot:That was 8 years ago, lets focus on 2008&quot:. This complete inability to cognitively see things with sequential logic is a tragedy of the greatest proportions. History has shown time and time again that people are corrupt and no people are more corrupt than those in power. Power and greed are not restrained by patriotism, nationality, and or traditional mores. We can go country after country to see examples of this but I’ll stick to the biggest ones of the US in the 20th century. First we have our entry into WW1. This was a war we had no intention on entering as a people. Unfortunately, our economic elites that run our currency and everything else that comes after it, had invested into the Franco-British side. By 1917, it was obvious that Russia was going to leave the war and that Germany was one offensive away from taking Paris and ending the war. What would happen to all the money we had put into the losing sides war effort?(We subsidized the entire Franco-British side for the entire war). So to get us into the war, we packed an American civil liner, the Lusitania, with munitions and sent it to Britain knowing full well the Germans had already stated they would sink it. They did, mostly British people died on it (90%), and the American public was suckered into the war. WW2 can be example number two. The war in Europe this time was going according to our financial elites plans since we were aiding both sides. However, once again, when Germany started kicking too much butt, we needed a reason to enter the war since Americans still did not want to enter it. Knowing full well we had forced the Japanese hand by our oil embargo, we knew they were going to attack Pearl Harbor. What did FDR do? He let them attack it when every nation in the area and out of it had said the attack was coming. This way America looked like the defender and it was possible to enter the war. 3000 Americans died at the hands of the Japanese but the first thing we did was go fight the Germans! Curious at best… We then can see our Gulf of Tonkin incident in Vietnam as a purely staged event to get us militarily involved in that conflict. Our willingness to have our own ship &quot:the Liberty&quot: be bombed by Israel in the early stages of their 67 war to then blame the Egyptians to get us into war, only failed because it became obvious to everyone that the Israelis were attacking an American ship not the Egyptians! The fact we have staged these types of operations before so the elites can make profit is nothing knew. Why 9-11 would be in any way different is ignoring cause and effect, circumstances, and in the end, who profits from such an attack.

Why Would 911 Be A Conspiracy

On Sept 11, 2001, twin towers in New York was attacked using commercial jet planes as bombs. Al Qaida claimed responsibility for this atrocity without a doubt . The ensuing firefight and communications coming from the Al Qaida did not deny or disown their operatives who perform the 911 bombing.

Nefarous individuals can create a malevolent act of sabotage on the community to profit from the spoils of war.Like certain prominent govt officials profiting as an aftermath of the 911. But this time it looks like Al Qaida is to blame, unless Al Qaida is a puppet controlled by a puppeteer.

9-11 Is connected solely to the Al Queda terrorists. You can back track the threats they made for the events that happened on 9-11 to the Clinton Administration. If the Clinton-Gore Administration had sought out to not only discover the terrorists but stop the plot instead of paper shreading it, the Bush administration wouldn’t have been blamed and accused of having some sort of agenda.
Seriously I believe anyone not researching the truth is stupid. The Conspiracy theory is even made fun of on South Park, how dumb is that? How can people continue to believe that their government would kill the not only 2,000 from the twin towers but also from the pentagon and Pennsylvanian crash? MMM…? I met a man who was working at the Pentagon a year after the crash and 3/4’s of his body is covered in burns and graphs. You tell this man its a conspiracy. My Aunt was working across the street from the pentagon, you tell her this was a conspiracy and all the others who’ve lost loved ones.

Al Queda has/had close ties with the Clinton-Gore Administration I fear you sir haven’t done you researching. Of course those governments can be capable of conspiracies, but your facts don’t lead anything to say that our Bush Administration had anything to do with it. Clinton and Gore even had Osama in their hands and let him go! We have proof Bin Laden took full responsibility for 9-11 if you’ve ever watched his videos he holds documents and talks about how they accomplished this.

What kind of response is &quot:engines don’t fail in mid air that often?&quot: That is the most stupid thing anyone could say. I have three airplane mechanics in my family and its is most certainly an average occurrence. Haven’t you been paying attention to the let offs and airplane companies &gt:America Airlines and Southwest for having NOT inspected airplanes?? Don’t you ever hear of Boeing airplane plants being closed? That is the most ridiculous comment ever made. Why would have the Plane been flying in Penn. anyway, it was off course when the plane crashed. And we have voice confirmation from loved ones who took the plane over when it was crashing. You make me sick

For the love of God your stupid. How can you ask a question and give information not even based on our government. There is no proof for your material. I don’t follow the media, or the underground media. I follow common sense. How stupid do you think Americans are that they would show not correctly translated videos when obviously there are those who would stand up and say so.
Your a paranoid fanatic who thinks that man is out to get him. You haven’t even heard the things others have said.
There is proof that the twin towers were built with a t shaped steel support system. It was built way before we had to think about the size airplanes that had crashed into it. Any non rocket scientist can tell you jet fuel is more power than what your typical fuel is. Basically when on fire it is like napalm. It shook the steel system and melted the support – down goes the buildings one after another.

I’ve seen the 911 Truth video, its full of holes and its created by people such as your self.

It is truly stunning how far off the deep end some people are. Do you think copying down this other c**p makes any difference in terms of the the validity of the initial supposition? Where in your supporting &quot:argument&quot: is there any mention of 9/11 itself? Well of course it’s not discussed because then you’d have to actually be faced with reality, and that of course would put all this nonsense out to rest.
Soooooo those planes I watched go into the towers filled with passengers, crew, terrorists…those planes didn’t go in as that the idea? Or are you one of those people who also want to convince me that the government imploded the buildings with explosives, and what, they hired these 19 Saudis to take the fall? These Al Quada members, instead of despising our presence in their lands actually loved us so much that they were wiling to be apart of this??? lol..
What, there aren’t any alien or bigfoot sightings to keep you busy with anymore?

In my opinion, the only ‘conspiracy’ that happened regarding 9/11 was the false tale that was spun about Flight 93.

We shot that plane down. Engines just don’t fall off in mid-air that often- and it’d have to be a really big coincidence that it happened when the plane was hijacked.

***Instead of giving me a thumbs down, do a bit of research!

you’ve seen the video &quot:Loose Change&quot: i see. It does bring interesting points to light, but you should probably do a lot of research before believing it, as with anything else. Ive always said, our government is either extremely smart or extremely stupid. if they planned those attacks out hypothetically, trying to show it will be nearly impossible. again, hypothetically if they did manage to set up every thing that happened on that day, they are definitely too smart to get caught.

go to youtube and watch the series entitled &quot:illuminazi&quot: by anthony j hilder

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