What’s the one thing mom forgot to tell you?

Well she could have mentioned the crabs.

Those little puffs were delicious, and I tried and tried to duplicate the recipe!

I instructed my mom i become sorry for the suffering she become dealing with as I watched her die from emphysema and lung maximum cancers. She mentioned &quot:Teri, i’ve got performed this to myself.&quot: This become the final element i particularly remember as a verbal exchange, something become purely noise.

She didn’t tell me that the women I would fall in love with and end up living with were Demons From Hell, (and that she was one of them too, thank god I moved out at the age of 18, holy krap.)

I wouldn’t know because she forgot to tell me

She forgot to tell me we’re siblings.

Oh, now my fantasies seem so wrong.

That Pole’s were made for Dancing !… And that Whip Cream makes Everything FUN !

That I never crawled to the neighbors doorstep… My mom put me there so the neighbors would take me.

The heartbreak of psoriasis

don’t ride with strangers. she totally forgot to tell me they had candy!!

That men would try to get in my pants at every turn.

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