What Happened To The Republican Party?

My dad has been a republican supporter all his life. He is a big fan of Barry Goldwater and the Regan.

So what has happened to the Republican Party, and can it go back to its former glory days when the party meant something.

I used to be Republican. But they were taken over by the extreme right. What is conservative about running our country to the ground in debt. That is not the Republican party I used to know. And it started with Reagan. Union busting and make the rich richer.

around the time that Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act the Republicans made a series of alternatives that for the time of all probability gave them greater ability over the final forty-50 years yet sewed the seeds of their eventual destruction. They unfavorable the act and gained over what have been the main dependable of the Democrats vote casting blocs, southern whites. yet in the technique misplaced the votes of black human beings for the subsequent century. presently after that they began embracing the values of the non secular ultimate and cemented their status in the south and rural factors. With their positions opposing civil rights and strongly helping non secular conservatives they began dropping the help of classic financial conservatives and Rockefeller Republicans. As those human beings began leaving their party so did their moderating voices and without them the party grow to be further and added pushed via the non secular social electorate. With that by using fact the state of the party, communicate radio and Fox information entered the scene, pandering in direction of sensationalism and emotional concern. the backside of the party grow to be pushed greater to the final on social subjects and the greater youthful era, who for greater sensible or worse grew up in a multicultural international, became their backs on the party. That leaves the present state of the party, dominant among non secular social communities, yet ridiculed via the greater youthful and multicultural.

The GOP, as was even conceded at the Republican National Convention just a short time ago, has apparently lost its way. Republicans are supposed to be the champions of laissez-faire capitalism and minimal government intervention. Simply put, both Bush and McCain have failed to demonstrate the primacy of these values. Bush was too quick with the trigger finger in Iraq, and McCain has been too quick to try to out-liberal Obama with his laundry list of &quot:bailout&quot: measures.

Can the GOP go back to its glory days? I think so, but first, it must become clear to the American public that the welfare state chokes the achievers in society, prompting them to take their ideas, their businesses and their dollars overseas. It must become clear that American foreign policy should restore its former reverence for minimalism, seeking to open foreign nations to our ideals by demonstrating what capitalism has done for us, not by occupying them with our troops.

One of the prior answerers pointed out Ron Paul, and Dr. Paul certainly has it right. However, we are currently in a phase in which the nation is gradually becoming more liberal. This phase is not new, as one would notice by looking at the politics of the New Deal. Eventually, the conservative values of meritocracy, fiscal discipline and decentralized government will return to the fore, but conservatives will likely to have to wait for this to occur.

One just hopes the liberals don’t do too much damage while they’re in charge for the next four years. This could be painful.

Unfortunately, the Rockefeller Republicans (aka liberal republicans) like George HW Bush and George W Bush managed to take control of the party after Reagan left. The &quot:country club&quot: wing does not hold to the conservative principles that got Reagan elected twice and the 1994 sweep into the house and senate. That is why Bush 41 lost the 1992 election. GW Bush ran as a &quot:compassionate conservative&quot: to sneak in below the conservative radar but undermined party conservatives for the last eight years. I consider McCain part of the &quot:country club&quot: wing but only partially. He holds fast to a few conservative ideals but seems to like being popular with democrats too much to really embrace conservatism. The way we get back to glory is to find a populist voice in the party that can effectively explain conservatism and why it is better for all of us than the class warfare games the democrats play.

All political parties thrive under great leadership. The Republicans had their best years under Lincoln, Teddy Roosvelt, and Ronald Reagan.

Right now, sadly, there is nobody who can rise to their level. On the other hand, the Democrats seem to be able to make a broom look good.

They lost the nerve to stand up for what the party believes in and insist and act on it. We did pretty good in some areas, but failed miserably on the issue of small government and controlled spending. Once the mantle is lost, there is nothing to run on. The party acts as if they need to give in a little bit on issues or people won’t like them, but that’s a misread of reality.

The Republican Party became more interested in winning elections than in doing what is right.

Serious answer:

In the 1970s two things happened. One was the creation of a political ideology called &quot:neoconservativism&quot: (notably by Levi Strauss). The other was the emergence of political organizations that used religion as a means of justifying their political agenda The best known is the &quot:Moral Majority&quot: o fJerry Falwell.

The lattter, in particular, openly stated that they intended to take over the GOP and force out any dissenters. Their avowed purpose was to establish a &quot:Christian nation&quot: (fundamentalist state) in America. The two (neoconservitivism and political fundamentalism) quickly became intertwined allies.

They gained a major foothold by supporting Reagan. He WAS NOT part f the neoconservative/fundamentalist movement. Reagan, like most conservatives at he time, fell for the rhetoric of &quot:morality&quot: and were simply too innocent to take the rest of what this right-wing movement.

By the early 1990s, the neocon/religious alliance had gained fairly extensive influence. The &quot:Republican Revolution&quot: off-year election served as their springboard to real power. by the end of the 1990s they had achieved, for all practical purposes, their initial goal–supplanting traditional Republicans, conservative and moderate.

The next step, of course, was the Presidency. By smearing John McCain and similar tactics, the neocons/religious right got Bush the nomination and the Presidency. An important figure was Karl Rowe. He developed what he called &quot:wedge politics&quot:–deliberately invented &quot:issues&quot: designed to spit gorups in America and polarize the population, enabling the neocon/religious right to forge a &quot:core&quot: of support. Another key tactic (also instrumental in the seizure of the GOP in th efirst place) got little notice. In the primaries the &quot:disciplined&quot: voters of the religous right would show up in large numbers voting for approved candidates. Those that did not toe the line were forced out–and kept out. This worked in most areas becasuse primary turnout was usuallyl ight. Massing a core of well-indoctrinated voter-followers gave the neocons/religious right virtuall complete control.

The goal at that point then became (again quoting Karl Rowe) &quot: a permanent Republican majority&quot: (I.e. one-party rule and an end to effective democracy).

With such views and tactics comes corruption and greed –that’s not a rant. Its true of any group, anywhere and anytime in human history. In the early part of the 20th century, the white supremacist &quot:Southern Democrats&quot: used similar tactics to maintain a stranglehold on power–and they wee just as corrupt.

The rest you know.

To recover is not going to be easy.The millions of decent moderate and consrvative Republicans in this country are going to have to reverse his process: organize, act in concert, and force the existing power structure in th eGOP out. Then institute the necessary reforms to restore the party’s internal structure.

You have the means. Look at what a junior African-American Senator no one had heard of 5 years ago has done. Your biggest potential tool–the one Obama has used so effectively–is the Internet as a means of grass roots organizing and communication.

I will add just one thing–and it will sound harsh, but given the current situation, must be said. One hall mark of the corrupted GOP is the universal refusal to take responsibility for rtheir actions. Those who would reform the GOP MUST reject this. They have to accept full responsibility for heir actions and hold wrong doers accountable, even at tehe cost of s short term losses. An example to show what I mean: when you have a situation like a Sen. Craig, a Cunningham, a TEd Stevens–the current policy of evade and excuse must go. If –for the sake of political expediency–you tolerate the corruption in your midst, the party will remain corrupt and in the hand s of the neocon/religous right.

Look, I’m a Democrat–but I don’t want my party to have one power rule or be too much in power for too long. Or it will end up jsut as corrupt. For our sake–and for our country’s — I sincerely hope and pray the decent Republicans in America will take their party back from the cancer that is destroying it.

What can YOU do? Get involved. You have local GOP political organizations. Get involved in them–and speak out. Don’t tolerate corruption,lies, or excuses. Write and e-mail your representatives at every level and keep doing it and hold them accountable. When you see a true reform candidate, volunteer to work to get them elected.

Good luck and God bless America!

It is the same as always, greed, greed, greed. If everyone is broke, their money means nothing. RR was the start of the downfall of our country when he started breaking unions. Now there is a lot of minimum wage jobs at fast food restaurants and not many manufacturing jobs.

they pretty much shat the bed.

One basic flaw in the republican (conservative) agenda, is it assumes there were ‘good old days’ we can return to.

In truth, our society has never achieved social equality, justice, peace and prosperity and fullfillment. We MUST keep forging ahead, trying new things and learning better ways to manage our society. We cannot just ‘stop’ growing.

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