what does the US get in return of support for Israel?

In that news conference with Bush and the Prime minister of Israel, Olmert said the US gave away 30 billion dollars to Israel (30% of their Economy) last year. the US also gave lots of loans and military aid: and supports Israel no matter what, which has brought them unpopularity among Arab countries.

I know Israel and USA have been allies since for ever but
what’s in it for the US?what’s behind it!? doesn’t make sense to me (yet). Not judging!!
I mean I wouldn’t be friends with someone to whom I had to pay a thousand bucks a year and get nothing in return nothing but the friendship itself. (just making my point)

I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, or they should or shouldn’t do that! If I have stated something wrong, please correct me.

Perhaps for the pure joy of ticking off a bunch of backward Middle Eastern religious fanatics and you personally.

I don’t know what you think you heard, but the total fiscal year 2007 foreign aid total was $21.3 billion. That amount included:

$3.4 billion for the international fight against HIV/AIDS.

$2.5 billion in aid to Israel.

$1.8 billion for Egypt.

$734 million to Pakistan (Does not count the ill spent war on terror funding of almost $5 billion).

$450 million for Sudan.

In this world, the US has done far more good than evil. Your opinion is exactly that, yours. That and $1.90 will get you a large coffee at Starbucks.

Edit: And I don’t know what you heard, but my figure for the total amount allocated to foreign aid is correct. We did not give Israel $30 billion. The $30 billion is what the US promised to provide over the next decade. That is old news.

It is a matter of honor.

The US did nothing to prevent the Nazi Holocost.
When various refugees tried to escape, the US sent them back to the nazi oven gas chambers.
At the time, US military intelligence knew what was going to happen to the refugees who were refused admission to the US, but the people did not know.

After WW II, the people found out about this and were horrified at the guilt that US foreign policy on our behalf had been complicit in the holocaust, so the US helped the UN with a nation of their own where the Jews wanted one. There was a partition arranged. The Palestinians had a nation of their own, and the Jews had a nation of their own.

If the US does not continue to support Israel, then it will be the same as being complicit in another Holocaust.

An ally in the Middle East. Help against radical Muslims.

a reason to show up in the middle east and steal oil

A place to keep all the Jews.

(Or did you forget that the US used to have &quot:restricted&quot: hotels and such?)

Just grief is what it feels like. Barely any support from our &quot:ally&quot: too. &quot:You supplied us with advanced weaponry. Thanks. Now get out of our country.&quot:

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