What are some sarcastic remarks you have given to phone solicitors? I like to say I am getting deported?

lmao – that’s a great one . .

i just hang up . .

or i say, thanks – i’m on the no-call list, and you just made me a thousand dollars – you’ll be getting my bill soon.

I used to do phone soliciting……. We heard every line out there, all the ones listed here and more.
It gets real old after while, how funny is something you heard 100 times before?
The only one I never heard more than once was a little old lady who told me &quot:I can’t talk to you right now, I have bad gas&quot:.
The best thing is to just hang up, they have already heard it all before, and it’s about as funny as any childish phone prank like calling to ask if the refrigerator is running……&lt:yawn&gt:
Some phone solicitors are disabled people who can’t make a living at anything else, and they are saving yours and my tax dollars by working. Give ’em a break, just hang up and let them go on.

I don’t have much of a problem since the no-call list but in the past I would often let my young daughter answer. She would immediately ask &quot:Do you like cats?&quot: and then go into a winded monologue all about her cats and every antic they had ever done until the caller hung up on her, which usually didn’t take too long.

But, when they called during the dinner hour, which they often did, I would ask them to give me their number and tell me what time their dinner break was and say that I would call them back then.

I can usually tell if it’s a solicitor, and I just say, &quot:she’s not here, may I take a message?&quot:. I don’t have a problem blowing off the people selling stuff — it’s the people calling for charitable donations that stump me. (I always get the cops calling trying to sell tickets to the policemen’s ball, or the volunteer fire dept. asking for donations). I ask them to send something to me in the mail.

A friend of mine at work (male) will turn the talk sexual when female solicitors call him, asking them what kind of panties they are wearing, etc.

Yes, it may be people just &quot:doing their job&quot:, but I consider it an intrusion and resent it nonetheless.

&quot:I’m sorry but I was just walking out the door but give me your home phone number &amp: I’ll call you when I get in. No matter how late it is, I’ll call you!&quot: OR

&quot:I sympathize with you &amp: your unfortunate choice of career but don’t call me anymore. I never have been interested in your survey &amp: never will be interested. You have a lovely day &amp: take me off this call list right now while I’m on the line w/ you!&quot:


&quot:No, this isn’t (name). I’m just the babysitter &amp: I can’t answer for that person.&quot:
They usually ask for a good time to call back- – –
&quot:I wouldn’t if I were you. She’s going through a divorce b/c he cheated &amp: she just met his lover. She’s HOT too! She can’t find a job anywhere &amp: is paying me with appliances. You probably will end up being a good person to take all this out on.&quot: Have a good one!&quot:

You know as much as I’d like to give you sarcastic remarks to hit those annoying phone solicitors with…put yourself in their shoes…what a horrible job to have.

Well, I have a difficult-to-pronounce last name. Everytime someone calls and asks for XXX, they usually say the name completely wrong. I simply say there is no one here by that name. There was another place that would call to speak to my husband all of the time, at least once/day. I finally told them that he no longer lived there, we were divorcing. They haven’t called since. Can you tell that I hate telephone solicitors?

Leave them on the phone for a few hours.

More: Okay, maybe I didn’t think about it from both perspectives, just like Da ben dan did.
From the caller’s perspective… that job is humilating and irksome, but from the person who is recieving the call perspective, they really don’t want to be miffed by that junk. Really the best thing to do is just to make everybody’s lives better by not responding to such calls. Responding to ignorance is just going to ensue even more trouble.

I once told on looking for my brother that he had died.

Then one called for my grandad during his funeral reception. It was all I could do not to start crying remembering my flip answer from before. I didn’t want my grandmom to have to talk to the guy so I took the phone in the other room an tried to be tactful.

&quot:No, he can’t come to the phone.&quot:

This guy was determined: &quot:How about Ms. Ayers then?

&quot:This really isn’t a good time.&quot:

He kept insisting on speaking to one of them until finally I had to tell him it was the funeral to get him off the phone.

I just hang up.

However, I have 2 friends that have different techniques. One has an airhorn next to the phone for situations like that. And my other friend starts talking like a cashier at a pizza shop

If the solicitor is female, I ask her why she’s bothering me, and her answer is usually &quot:I’m just trying to make a living.&quot: or &quot:It’s my job.&quot: To which I reply, &quot:Then why don’t you find a job with a little honor in it ? Something like drug dealing or prostitution.&quot: They usually hang up.

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