What are differences between israel and arabs?

For a history report: what are some differences between israel and arabs?

israel is a country in the middle east.
arabs are people who come from arab countries, they can be from all different religions, muslim, christian and even jewish.

Arabs are more handsome than the Israelis , especially the Lebanese .
I’m just kidding to make you smile or cry .
The difference is that the Israelis are a one single Semitic tribe which from all tribes has it’s own rituals . they have their own religion different from all other tribes and they still speak a dialect of an early Semitic language .
The Arabs consist of many tribes and eventhough the Arabs are originally from the Arab peninsula , but the Arabs now consist of many races happen to speak Arabic .
The Arabs consider anybody speaks Arabic an Arab .
and deal with him as one of them .

i an Arab and what saying &quot:Incognito’s&quot: is true 1000% i considered Arab Phoenicians and my tradition really strange who those live in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait even color skin and hair too and Israel they really like alien between Arab,,Israel should erase from the map

Some Israelis are Arab. 800,000 Arab Jews were expelled from 15 Arab countries, most Arabs live in the 22 Arab countries. Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people.

This is a bad place to get information for a school report. There are too many antisemites who decided to act here as they do to Israel.

Ask your local librarian for references.

King of the Jungle…Since when do Arabs have one culture and once language. Their are Arabs in tons of countries practicing several different cultural traditions.

Arabs are a people where as Israel is place in the middle east where some Arabs, but mostly non-Arab jews live.

There is no difference as the 21st Century thought us we share the same common destination to seek Peace.

Naive your differences will falls on some platter to instigate myth. That there are enemies. Whilst where there are no elders the children who will come inheritance it will fall. Whilst the abreast of its challenges we face the cold war mind set for distraction.

Whoever underestimate the civilize days of Friday Prayers &amp: Sabbath Day is not only threat to 21st Century Growth and Prosperity rather under milky to seek ignorance to undermine Historians.

israel is the occupied palestine .. palestine is an arab country
so israel is an occupation, that’s the difference

arabs have ONE culture &amp: ONE language!
the Israelis come from all over the place, however, they
are trying to create their own culture and resurecting the Hebrew language!

GrammarPolice: the Arabs do have one culture. they share ALMOST the same lifestyle and same Ideas. Yes, i understand that Arabs in North Africa might have a LITTLE difference in their Culture compared to those in the Middle east, but its basicaly the same. However they DO have one Language! theyre called Arabs because they speak ARABIC. like I said b4 in North Africa they might have a dialect thats diferent to the Arabs in the Mid East, but its all the same in general

Israel is not a race but Arabs are

Israel is the last unsolved colonial rule in the World. Arabs are Jews, Christians and Muslims.

both are bad cousins,,,,,but israel has definit planand tr to realize it step by step through thir diffrent presidents,what ever his chrachter

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