romantic anime!?

I’ve been watching nothing but action and suspence anime and now i’m craving a romantic one!!
I was wondering if you buys could tell me some great ones. like, the girl and guys fall in love in a really romantic way and you bust go awwww! one thats really cute and romantic. any suggestions would be great! thanks!

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I love romantic anime. All of the following are romantic animes. The ones with the most *’s are the best. I put them in order from the least amount of *’s to the most.

**Elemental Gelade**
This anime has mainly fighting in it (shonen). It is about a guy protecting a girl who is wanted by many people because of an ability she has (you will find out if you watch it). I usually don’t watch shonens because they’re usually not romantic, but this one was.
There are 26 episodes.

**Ultra Maniac**
This is about a girl who uses magic and her good friend. It is about the girl trying to win this competition to be the wife of this magic prince. The girl is really in love with this boy from her school. It is also about her best friend being in love with this other guy.
There are 26 episodes.

This anime is a harem which means it is about a guy who lots of girls like. It is funny, but not very romantic. I watched the anime expecting something very romantic to happen to just one girl and only one of the girls, but nothing did.
There are 24 episodes.

***Tokyo Mew Mew***
This series is about a girl who has her DNA infused with a cat. This anime is about her love, her friends, and how she has to protect Earth.
There are 52 episodes.

***Zero no Tsukaima***
This anime is set in a world where nobles can use magic and commoners can’t. The main girl, Louise, summons a human boy to be her familiar (helper/pet). The story is about events that happen to Louise and the boy (like how to get him home and how they fall in love).
There are 13 episodes (second season 12 episodes).

***Onegai Twins***
This anime is about two girls and a guy. The two girls want to know who their parents are and the only clue they have is a picture of this house that the boy owns. This story is about the events they go through to find out who they are and how they fall in love.
There are 12 episodes.

This is a story of romeo+juliet falling in love but things are different in this story. Romeo’s father owes the floating city they live in and Juliet is the last Capulet.
There are 24 episodes

***La Corda D’oro***
This anime is about a girl who gets a magic violin. There are about five guys who like her and the anime is all about her (and the guys) playing their instruments at this contest. I was a little disappointed because no one ever really confessed their love and nothing actually romantic happened (like kissing).
There are 26 episodes.

***Da Capo***
This is about a girl who is adopted into this family and she is in love with her brother.
There are 2 seasons with 26 episodes in each one.

***Kamisama Kazoku***
This anime is about god’s son named Samatarou. There is a girl who is an angel that is always with him and she loves him but he likes a new popular girl at school. Samatarou’s mother is Venus and his sisters are both goddess candidates.
There are 13 episodes.

***Mermaid Melody***
This is about a girl who is a mermaid and her trying to tell the guy she is in love with that she is one. If she goes out and says she is one, then she will turn into bubbles. It is also about her and her friends fighting other creatures.
There are 52 episodes.

***Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne***
This one is about a high school girl who is a thief that steals art usually because it is made/possessed by a spirit of the devil aka demon. It is about how she meets another thief and falls in love with him.
There are 44 episodes.

***DN Angel***
This is about a boy who has a famous thief named Dark who is basically appart of him. Whenever the boy looks into a picture of a certain girl he transforms into Dark. Dark steals art work to seal away evil things inside it. This anime is also about the main boy being in love with this girl.
There are 26 episodes.

***Nodame Cantabile***
This story is about two college students who play the piano and live next door. It is very funny (especially the girl) and there is some romance (not much).
There are 23 episodes.

***Gakuen Alice***
This is an anime that is about a girl and her best friend at first. This girl named Mikan finds out her best friend is leaving school. Basically, Mikan follows her friend by going to her new school. This school takes in children with special abilities which they call Alices. Only children with Alices can attend, but the school allows Mikan to attend. This anime is about Mikan and her adventures once she enters the school. This anime reminded me a lot of Kodocha (kids who are in love). Nothing romantic actually happens (no kissing, but in the manga they do kiss). If you watch all this anime and you want to know more, I would recommend reading the manga (which is ongoing).
There are 26 episodes.

****Peach Girl****
This is a series I really liked. It is about a love triangle mainly between the main girl and two guys. The main girl named Momo has tan skin and bleached hair because she used to swim a lot. Since she has these features, people think she is promiscuous. One guy plays baseball and the Momo has liked him since junior high. The other guy was saved from drowning by Momo. Her best friend (not) named Sae is evil. Sae tries to mess up everything Momo has (especially her relationships).
There are 25 episodes.

****Kaikan Phrase****
This anime for half the episodes is all about a band named Lucifer. After half the episodes a girl named Aine comes in and she falls in love with the lead singer named Sakuya. The anime is all about the things the band goes through. There are some romantic parts with Aine and Sakuya. I really liked this anime because it was about music and I would only watch it if you are willing to wait more than 25 episodes for some romance to start.
There are 44 episodes.

*****Marmalade Boy*****
This anime is about a boy and girl whose parents switch (her dad marries his mom while his mom marries her dad). All of them start living under the same roof. This anime is all about how the boy and girl fall in love (there are also many love triangles that try to separate them).
There are 76 episodes.

*****Kodocha*****(I like this one a lot but it is about two kids)
This anime is about a energetic girl who is a famous child actress. It is about how she stands up to this boy in her class, helps him fix some issues he has, and how she falls in love with him. Her mother is very funny. This was one of the first anime I saw and it is one of my favorites.
There are 102 episodes.

*****Fushigi Yugi*****
This anime is about a girl named Miaka who opens a book with her friend and they are teleported into the book. Miaka falls in love with a boy in the book and the story is all about her trying to summon Suzaku so she can make three wishes. To summon Suzaku she must find all seven celestial warriors. Her friend Yui eventually leaves then comes back to the world in the book and she develops a hatred for Miaka. This series is very romantic.
There are 52 episodes.

The most romantic animes from above are Marmalade Boy, Peach Girl and Fushigi Yugi.

I cut some of my list short because yahoo is cutting off my answer (for some strange reason, I guess answers aren’t suppose to be too long).

You can watch anime on:

I got bored of anime, so I started reading manga. Here is my list of manga I have read and yes I did put them in alphabetical order. All of these are THE BEST!!! I don’t give these *’s cause I would just about give them all the same (5 *’s). I recommend you read all of them.
A Fairy Tale for You (1 volume)
A Thousand Years of Snow (2 volumes)
A Wish to Lie Beside You (3 chapters)
Alice 19th (7 volumes)
Angel Love Song (oneshot which means it is only a few chapters)
Backstage Prince (2 volumes)
Cat Street (8 volumes)
Datte Suki Nan Damon (2 volumes)
Elite Sama Koi Shiyo (1 volume)
Epotoransu! Mai (2 volumes)
Goong (16 volumes – ongoing)
Happy Hustle High (5 volumes)
Hana Yori Dango (36 volumes)
Honey Bitter (4 volumes – ongoing)
Hot Blooded Woman (24 volumes)
Imadoki! (5 volumes)
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (7 volumes)
Kare First Love (10 volumes)
Kiss Dake Ja Kaesanai (4 volumes)
Koukou Debut (10 volumes)
Legend of Nereid (15 volumes)
Love Monster (12 volumes)
Meru Puri (4 volumes)
Oishii Study (1 volume)
Ookami Nanka Kowakunai (1 volume)
Othello (7 volumes)
Pump Up! (1 volume)
Random Walk (3 volumes)
Rich Girl 120 (3 volumes – not completely scanned and I can’t wait for them to scan it because the first volume is really good)
Shinshi Doumei Cross (11 volumes – ongoing)
Shounen X Cinderella (2 chapters)
Special A (11 volumes – ongoing)
The King’s Pawnshop (1 volume)
The Prince Who Fell in Love (1 volume)
Time Stranger Kyoko (3 volumes)
Tokyo Boys and Girls (5 volumes)
Tokyo Crazy Paradise (19 volumes)
Tokyo Juliet (13 volumes – very good romantic manga and I can’t wait till they finish scanning it, they are only on v2)
Uwasa no Midori-kun (7 volumes – ongoing and a smut)
W Juliet (14 volumes) and W Juliet II (1 volume)
WANTED (1 volume)

Here are some websites with free manga scans:
www.mangatraders.com (very good, but you have to register)
www.mangafox.com (my favorite to use)

omg i was looking for the same thing but basically watched them all
Cardcaptor sakura (love shows more at the end)
tsubasa chronicals ( if u liked cardcaptor sakura it has some characters from there and love goes throughout he story)
Full moon (very very sweet)
gakuen alice (sorta not really but sweet)
mermaid melody pichi pichi pichi
mermaid melody pichi pichi pure (sequal to mermaid melody)
tokyo mew mew (THE BEST EVER!)
Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora( recomended)
Kodocha ( i LOVED this show is so cute and very long so if u take a liking to it it will last over 100 episodes
chibi vampire (or Karin)
kamichama karin ( recomended also)
peach girl
Fuushigi yuugi (currently watching emotional i LOVE it)
pretear (also good)

this is all i can think of!

PEACH GIRL -its exactly what ur looking for the ending just made me go awww! lol i loved it it was so good

fruits basket not much romance but its really sweet anime

ouran high school host club hilarious with a little romantic ending but mostly comedy

love hina- havent fineshed it but i think there might be some romantic ending going by the name lol

you can watch these all on


hope i helped ^^

Fruits basket
Brother conflict
Kamigami no asobi
Maramalade boy
Boys over flowers
My little monster
Ouran highschool host club
Special a
Kamisama hajimatashita

I’m so upset that no one mentioned Brothers Conflict. It came out less than a year ago and is based off of a Japanese novel (according to Wikepedia). It’s full of fluffy, gushy, angsty romance and it’s a quicky – only 12 episodes.

It’s about a high school girl named Ema who’s dad remarries so she gains 13 step brothers. She decides to move in with them so her dad can be alone with his new wife and almost all of them fall in love with Ema. The fact that every male in the show is gorgeous definitely gives it bonus points in my book.

I like
Ouran highschool host club
My love story
Sword Art Online
Say I love you
D fragments
Engaged to the unidentified
Love Chunibyo and other delusions


Chibi Vampire
Bitter Virgin
Ablsolute Boyfriend
Beauty is the Beast
Millennium Snow(Thousand Years of Snow)

Kokoro Connect too me is quite good. More towards slice of life, drama, friendship, supernatural, comedy, romantic anime. Its new 2012, 17 eps.

Girls is may romantic anime for you. But Careful !

Ive got many favourites in anime but i’d have to say romanctic are my fav. here are a few suggestions

Fuushigi yuugi – one of the greatest anime love stories of all time. this is packed full of almost every genre. action , romance , comedy, sadness . its about a girl named miaka who finds she can transport into another world through a book – there she becomes a preiestess and shes on a quest to &quot:summon suzaku&quot: so she can bring peace to the new land on the the way she finds her love tamahome and they fall in love- but they cant cross worlds and ect ect. its really good i reccomend it.

love hina – a comedy / romance about a boy who need to get into toyko university and becomes the manager of an all girls dorm and he really likes a girl – but shes quite stubborn

kamikaze kaitou jeanne – this is about a girl called maron who is the reincarnation of jeanne d arc – practicially she has to capture demons and live as a normal high school student along the way a mysterious boy chiaki appears who sems to be doing the same thing but in real life chiaki and maron are friends and though she seems really stubborn towards him and he loves her but he cant tell her his real identy as this mysterious identy.

peach girl – romance about a girl who falls in love with 2 guys a bit like a lvoe triangle but she comes across many obstacles along the way and must choose between them.

some thers are :
fruits basket
full moon wo sagshite

Everyone talks about Love Stage. BUT imo Higurashi and Polyphonica are really good love stories, though my preference is towards Polyphonica because it takes a while for the yandere to show up in higurashi. Just my two cents 🙂

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