my dog leaves brown spots in the grass?

my dog leaves brown spots in the grass. how can i stop this. I heard tomato juice but i don’t know how much

Like every other dog on the planet!
NOTHING you put in a dog will stop the NITROGEN in urine from burning-KILLING-grass.
SO….you either follow it around w/a hose to DILUTE the urine or……..KEEP IN PENNED ON CONCRETE!

Basically your dog is fertilizing your grass to death, due to nitrogen in the urine. If too much nitrogen is applied to a lawn it causes it to burn, just as if you were to over fertilize it. That is why the grass around the edges is very long and darker than the yellow spot. Large breed as well as unaltered female dogs tend to cause more of this. Milano is a fixed female and she hasn’t left any brown spots in 8+ years.

There’s an awesome product called Natural Green Grass Patch that turns those brown spots green instantly. I can’t stand to have brown spots on my lawn. I use it on the urine spots on my grass and it works perfectly. It’s a solution that you spray on and it actually colors the spot green. It looks very natural, nobody can ever tell and it blends perfectly with the rest of my lawn. I highly recommend this product. I found it at a local nursery, but I know they have a website: naturalgreengrasspatch.com. I don’t know that it will actually repair the grass, but it definitley helps aesthetically. Good luck!

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