LeBron James vs. Charles Barkley (1-on-1 pickup game) Who would have won?

LeBron no contest

Lebron 21-4 Barkley
(after feeling bad winning 20-0, LeBron Lets Charles Get 4 Layups, but got bored so finished it)

Seriously, No contest what-so-ever


Charles is like 50 so leBron easy

Lebron James could more than likely beat about 85% of the NBA with no problem.he could defeat 1 at a time like it was nothing.

charles easy, lebron is too much of a pushover, charles was the tyson of basketball, he would easily overpower james. ya james is taller and maybe quicker, but charles is stronger, has more heart and would want to win more, lebron would just choke under pressure and trust me charles brings it like the best of them

Barkley in his prime easily.

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