ladies, would you marry a poor man?

with no assets who takes the bus to his job at burger king?


Neither of us had money when we got married money doesn’t mean happiness. Love can get you through hard times alot better then money. and you don’t get as much satisfaction curling up with money then with your loving husband. But it is alot easier when you can pay the bills. You can make it work but it is not easy.

ladies ladies! are we forgetting love is blind if your in love with him he’s going to look like a million bucks to you when he’s poor unless your not in love with him then that is another story

If i was really and truly in love with him and if he wanted to do something better in the future not stay there the rest of his life, if this is just a bad phase that hes going trough but he had goals to where we wanted to get at in life.

No, I don’t think so, I’d have to be totally in love with him and he would have to do better than that even then probably not.

I would if i loved him enough and i realized that my life wasnt going to be glamerous unless i did it myself as long as he is working and doesnt stop there really shouldnt be much of a problem! Remember love is more important than money!

No, i’d be really incompatible with him, it shows he has little ambition in life. I would however marry a poor man who was a student and intelligent with prospects.

No unless he looked like George Clooney. I mean, hey, the guy could get a better job.

If I love him sure. I have never been one of the lucky gals that found a guy with lots of money or a great career. all blue collar. so i’ve lived with not a lot. but hey you live the hand your dealt.

Hell yes, where I live burger king staff get 10% discount, so he could save on my supper on his way home.

My mum told me to never get married…:(
She is divorced so she thinks its a mistake…

They have been divorced since I was 2..
And now she is with a stupid boyfriend &gt::(
I wish I could die!!
Sorry for changing the topic..But if I like him and he was nice, Yes 🙂

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