I’m considering converting to Islam but I have a few issues?

Assalam alaikum 🙂

I’ve been reading up on Islam for many months now and so much of it makes sense to me. There are some things I’m not sure about though and I always think about everything but say to myself well I couldn’t be a muslim if I don’t believe in these things etc. But I am ALWAYS drawn back to looking into it.
How do you deal with the problem of evil? How does a muslim explain why bad things happen in the world? Also the concet of hell. I can’t believe in hell after death.. I just can’t. How could I otherwise exlplain the concept of hell as mentioned in the Qu’ran?

I have another issue. I’ve always been interested in religion and especially Islam, but my husband’s athiest (he was brought up a mormon and he feels so strongly against the Mormon religion that he’s gone to the extent of pretty much disliking all religion).
I’ve told him before that I was interested in Islam but I guess he has the perception that somehow Islam=terrorist.
As a woman, I have a lot of interest in what Islam teaches about Women’s issues and rights and I really like the concept of Hijab. People think that Hijab=opression but I totally believe the opposite to be true (ie, I believe western women are oppressed because they are pressured to show off a certain body shape/type.. and then you have young girls developing eating disorders etc etc), but that’s another issue.
Thing is, my husband says he doesn’t want me to cover up for 2 reasons- 1. He worries people will laugh at me and could attack me (which I doubt but he doesn’t want me to ‘draw attention to myself’.
and 2. He says he doesn’t want me covered because I’m his wife and he doesn’t want to be hidden.. he wants people to see me.

How do I talk to my husband about my beliefs? I in no way want to try and convert him because like the Qu’ran says, there shall be no comulsion in religion and I believe people have the right to access God in their own way.
I don’t believe he’s going to hell though just because he doesn’t believe and I’m disappointed that some muslims would believe that..why do they believe that? Is that what islam actually teaches or is it simply some people’s interpretation of the scripture??

I know I’ve writen a lot and I’m always learning. Thank you for answers in advance

Do you believe that hell should not exist? We are put on this world as a test and the only 2 outcomes of it are you pass (go to junnah) or you fail (go to hell). Depending on the severity of your wrongful actions (if you are assigned hell), a corret punishment will be assigned. Not everyone in hell will be given the same punishment and there are different levels in hell, but nonetheless the person dwelling in hell will be in great agony. There are also different levels of junnah: if you want to know more about heaven and hell buy a book or look on the internet.
A lot of people dislike/hate Islam but that is because they don’t bother to take the time to find out what it is all about and what it teaches. Those who involve themselves in events like 9/11 may consider themselves muslim, but they really are not since Islam does not allow such atrocities.
Hijab has it’s purpose and most of the hijab wearers feel more comfortable wearing hijab and they actually enjoy it. Not to mention they get to choose the color and style of the hijab and they don’t have to worry about how their hair looks. (my sister is a convert and she loves wearing hijab and not having to worry about her hair).
I am going to have to say sorry right now, but muslim women are not allowed to marry non-muslim men, so if you convert you should either try to get your husband to convert, or divorce him.
My sister wears hijab all the time and she lives in the US. Most people treat her well: no one has attacked her. She tells us the wrost she has ever been treated was being stared by people in her very small home town. Many people, especially children, are comfortable asking her questions about Islam and they treat her well.
You shouldn’t want to be seen, and if you live in an area without many muslims than I can guarantee you people will see you because you stand out with the hijab.
Even muslims are able to go to hell. Muslims, christians, and jews might enter junnah (heaven), but it all depends on ones deeds. I am of the opinion that once people are in hell they will remain there forever, but others disagree with me on this.

I am not a revert to Islam yet, but in a couple of days I will be taking the shahada inshallah. Worst thing you can do is believe in Islam but not convert. No one knows when they will die so the sooner the better. You do not need to have all of the facts first. If you truly and sincerely believe in Islam then take the shahada. You can go to a local mosque and have an imam help you with it, like I will be doing, but you can do it pretty much anywhere. If you do it in a mosque, the imam will translate the shahada into English for you and then he/she will say it in bits in arabic, with you repeating after him/her. Then the men there will verbally congratulate you while the females will very likely come up to you and hug you and possible cry from joy. You might even receive a copy of the quran, a hijab, or even a prayer rug. (It is typical to get a quran though), and you will have paperwork showing you converted so when you do hajj you will have proof of being a muslim. Oh, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a muslimah invited you to her house afterwards. They will likely also be very willing to obtain books on Islam to further your knowledge. As muslims, we are always learning and to try to know everything about Islam before conversion is not realistic. Also, take things gradually after you convert (if you convert). By that I mean, converts typically have to give up a lot and incorporate a lot, so take things slowly. (Although you should try your best to pray 5 times a day and giving up pork is a must.)

Oh, and it might help for you to read Daughter of Another Path. (It is a book about mother whose daughter converted to Islam. To help other mothers with convert daughters of Islam, she wrote the book. What she did is she passed out surverys to muslim female converts and asked them questions, like how there families reacted to her conversion, how they found Islam, and more. Then she put some of the responses in the book under certain sections based on the type of questions she asked. It’s kind of an old book (it’s from 1995 I think???) but still worth the read.) I suggest you read it soly to help you know that you won’t be alone in any difficulties you will likely face and that faith in Islam is more important than what your family thinks.) Might help if you had your husband and family members read it.

I am so happy Allah guided you to Islam!!!! If you have any questions, concerns, comments, support, anything at all I am very willing to help you. (granted I am not a muslim YET, but 2 days will be here soon enough. My sister is muslim so I learned a lot from her and she gave me a pile of books on Islam and answered soo many questions for me. Her muslim husband was also of help. My sister is older than me by quite a few years so I pretty much started learning about Islam at a very early age so needless to say I know a lot about Islam and I am certain that Islam is the correct religion. My parents won’t react well though as they do not like Islam and I know how they think about my sister but alhamdulillah she had strength and a strong faith in Islam. If you wish to talk to my sister, let me know and I will give you her email adress as she would be more than willing to help you also.
I trust you know how to email me as I have the option of emailing on here.

And one thing you will have upon your conversion is a lot of support from the female muslims. I wouldn’t be lying if I told you the nicest people I ever met were muslims: I have NEVER been treated badly by one. They offer me so much support with Islam.

Best wishes and I would be truly happy and would be forced to make a big smile if I heard you converted. (Yes, even I get overjoyed when I hear someone converts.)

I would suggest you read more about Islam because if you convert you will have to divorce your husband if he does not convert too. Muslim women are not allowed to marry non-Muslim women and if you are already married and then convert you are still not allowed to remain married to a non-Muslim.

Women in countries other than Western countries show off just as much as SOME Western women do. It’s up to the individual to decide whether or not to follow what others do or say they should do. I’ve lived in America all my life, am a Christian and have never resorted to dressing immodestly, so that’s a bunch of crap. I understand how he feels regarding your safety, but whether you are a Muslim or not you should not let your husband control how you dress.

If you don’t believe he is going to hell then you’re not Muslim material because you must believe that anyone who does not believe in Allah, Muhammed as the last prophet or partnering with God will go to hell. If you don’t believe it now and convert to Islam eventually you will believe it and if you don’t you will be ostracized by the Muslim community and not considered a Muslim at all.

1. The number 666 has no meaning in Islam. Indeed, it is stated in the Hadith that God prefers odd numbers and Allah does not mean curse in Hebrew or, so far as I am aware, in any other language. Beheading has been the preferred method of judicial execution in many cultures, from the axe in England to the guillotine in France. I have witnessed beheadings in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the sword is so sharp and the executioner so expert that it takes only a faction of a second completely to sever the head. It is therefore arguably the most merciful method of execution. 2. The Prophet Muhammad did marry Aisha when she was nine but he did not consummate the marriage until after she had attained puberty. 3. The Prophet Muhammad did not change the word of God. Nothing in the Qur’an contradicts the teachings of any previous prophet.

I’ve been reading up on Islam for many months now and so much of it makes sense to me. There are some things I’m not sure about though and I always think about everything but say to myself well I couldn’t be a muslim if I don’t believe in these things etc. But I am ALWAYS drawn back to looking into it.
&gt:&gt:&gt:&gt:&gt:According to Quran n Kareem-you obey your husband. but NEVER when he command you to Associate Allah(Jala Jallaluhu)with anything&lt:&lt:&lt:

asalaam aleykum

-One book I highly recommend on Islam and perhaps a more open form of it would be ‘The Trouble With Islam Today’ by Irshad Manji. It might help a Westerner see different options in the religion and reconcile Islam with your own interest in philosophical approaches to religion.

-Problem of evil: Muslims believe our lives are a moral test: all good things and bad things are determined by Allah and as we face them we have to make the right moral choices. Suffering times are a test of faith and patience against misfortune: the evil humans do is because they failed their test in life by not choosing to do the right acts.

-As far as I know, attacks on hijabis tend to occur in areas where Whites may resent Muslim minorities but for the most part, I’ve never seen a hijabi attacked.

-Hell: you have to interpret that in your own way: I’m sure more open minded Muslims may see Hell as a metaphor for unhappiness in this life caused by being evil, perhaps… xx

Wa alaykum assalam
and for you be the peace (heaven)

Evil… created by the god, and the god made it look bad. So that the god could let us get to know good and focus towards it.

Well if your husband is an atheist… and you desire islam… you’d have to tell him that.

Hell… it’s the same thing with regular pain… Fire… has the ability to break up bonds. Evil doing is what a person goes to hell for, the breaking of evil concepts away from a person is what we’ll see done in hell.


The primary concept of hijab is to realize that men fall in love with women fast!


The primary instruction for this is verbal to men. According to quran 24:30. The second is dawah and guidance to them to reply with quran 24:31 in full extent.

If you fear people attack you, then use your voice to make yourself known.

How do you talk to your husband? The regular way. Find a new husband who you could talk anything about to.

You may not believe in him going to hell… but anyone who hasn’t had the chance to experience the god’s mercy, they live in a hell that they don’t recognize


The quran teaches it. Imagine if your husband didn’t believe you existed, and did what he liked not just behind your back, but in plain view of you.



Salamulakum sister
i hope your doing well

im sure you are awear of some concepts of philosophy which is very much associated with the problem of evil. philosophy distinguishes god through just basically what the 3 main religions define, though islam, christianity and judaism. they define god as all knowing , all powerfull and all good. so what the problem of evil says is that if god is all good he would stop the bad happening in the world and so on…. when it came to the subject of hitler philosophers dont blame hitler for what he did they blame god and that god didnt give hitler a good upbringing………, so im just thinking, it this coming from educated people.

lets just think of the problem of evil for a bit. well in islam we believe that Allah (God) is all might and all powerfull and nothing like his creations. who are we to say what god thinks, he is an infinate being so what we classify as good or evil might not be classified as good or evil to God. for instance there is no such thing as ‘darkness’ you can put some lights in a bag and light them up and that is light, but in relation to darkness there is no such thing , there is only ‘a lack of light’. we as humand just call it darkness but really there is no such thing, it is just terminology that humans have made up.

philosophy is lost i mean they are not even sure that we even exist, its pathetic. if you have also noticed with the problem of evil is that it doent go into what the religions say about god they just attack religion on the basis of what we define god as. like they put islam and christianity in the same line, and if you have realised that philosophers tend to attack christianity more so then islam. there is far more evidence in favour of islam then any other religion. i will get back to this point later on.

also i must note that life on earth is all about free will, without peopels ability to choose wheather to do good or bad then we have no free will. in islam we believe that life is a test and at the end of your life you fate will depend on the good and bad that you have done on the earth.

im not sure if you still believe in the big bang theory but essentially it ‘was a big bang’, which could be defined as a explosion. now lets put this into perspective, if you drop a glass on the floor what happens. does a new glass form or is it very much like an explosion, so why should we apply that to how the universe came about, it doesnt make sense. why would an explosion create a universe that perfectly functions together. the earth is away at a distance from the such in a way that it will not burn nor will it freeze too much. what about the atmosphere that has been put around the earth to protect us from the suns ray, how could that bee there just though so called evolution. also if we evolved from monkeys then why are monkeys still here, whay are we not evolving anymore.

back to my previous point about evidence in islam. 1400 years ago the quran was revieled to a man called Muhammad peace be upon him (PBUH), now this man could not write nor could he read plus this was in the middle of the dessert at the time in Mecca. we believe that the quran was rvieled to him by god but through the angel over the course of 20 years, the angel would recite words and muhammad PBUH would go and share with his followers and have it written down by people that can read and write. now what is amasing about the quran, and what have been proven by many top scientists is the science that is contained in it. Many of the science facts mentioned in the quran have only been discovered by man in the past 20 or so years, no how would muhhamad have know such things. For instance the Quran talks about the 3 spacific stages of a baby in the mothers womb, which has been proven. http://www.answering-islam.org/Quran/Sci…

The quean also talks about the creation of the universe and other sciences from geology to embryology here is a website that will help.
CONVERT TO ISLAM – Why did Many Scientists Accept Islam – MUST WATCH
the quran and the universe
Quran and many sciences
go to the contents on this site above and you will see all the sciences mentioned then you can scroll down and see for yourself.
Ihope this information has helped you and May God bless you and guide you to the right path sister
i apologise if i wrote too much. if you have any questions you can email me and i will be happy to help 🙂

Hello dear sister, it is very heartening to hear that you have been drawn to the emancipating message that is Islam. I am not a very learned Muslim, however, I will do my best to answer some parts of your question.

In regards to evil I think it will be extremely helpful if you consider the fact that good cannot ‘exist’ without the existence of evil because it is only through evil that one can distinguish what is good, just as darkness can not be conceived of if there is eternal light. Furthermore, I believe that there is no such thing as a pure entity called evil, just as there is no such thing as ‘absolute’ darkness, that is, darkness is a lack of light but not complete absence of it. Likewise, evil is a lack of good, for example, even Iblis (satan) started as a prominent angel who worshipped Allah (SWT) before being denounced for arrogance, so sister even something which has been come to be recognised as the examplar of evilness is not devoid of good deeds. I remember listening to a speech by brother Hassanain Rajabali and I think he gave a very apt example of life being a test of multiple choice questions and evil being the marking down of wrong answers. Sister Allah (SWT) has given us the ability to be able to choose the right course of action and he has endowed us with the intellect and innate morality to understand what is right and what is wrong but it is up to us to decide which path we walk and which turns we make. The system Allah (SWT) has created is perfect, notwithstanding, the choices we as humans make can be abhorrent which is evident by numerous wars, massacres, genocides and daily rapes, murders, theft and other crimes. However, ask yourself sister how is God responsible for the actions that we as humans independently make? If you take the other extreme and imagine a world where Allah (SWT) forbade any ‘evil’ acts how could we as humans prove our devotion and submission to him? We would be preprogrammed drones not humans. Therefore, the existence of wrong answers is fundamental to any test and the test of life does not differ.

In terms of you wearing a Hijab I do not wish to interfere with your marital affairs, however, I would give you one piece of advice and that is that any partner must respect the wishes of their spouse and ultimately you must decide what is the best course of action for yourself and sister dressing in a chaste and modest manner is in my opinion heading toward the right direction.

I was in the middle east myself and was raised a Mormon as well and watched my dad treat my Mom like a sexist asshole. Both Islam and Mormons believe In polygamy and I saw an incestuous marriage over in the middle east, I saw women die in child birth because men could not see a women’s parts during child birth and the midwife was not allowed ot get an education so both the mother and child would die. I saw women get circumcised as well, this wa disgusting to hear that a women was getting mutilated because of a man could not deal with his own sex issues.You need to go ahead and do the pilgrimage and try to wear the full burqua in 120 degree weather. I found it hard to carry around 35-65 pounds of equipment in 120 decree weather. Sure other places like Morocco and Kuwait are more westernized but in Iraq and Afghanistan, where the religion was birth, women are still cattle!!!
the bible was written by God + man.
Koran by man + angel/spirit guide. Big Diff.

Either you believe what the Quran says or you do not. If you do not believe in hell, then why believe in the religion at all? Either all of it is true, or none of it is true. You can’t pick and choose with your beliefs. Think of it this way…how do you justify verses like this one: &quot:slay the idolaters wherever you find them…take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush&quot: It is a command, and it is in the Koran. You can’t &quot:misinterpret&quot: this, it says to slay people who are idolaters. Some may say, well this only means Hindus and Buddhists, not atheists and Christians, but there are hundreds of verses just like this one.
Do you believe them?
If you do, get ready to start killing.
If you do not, how do you justify believing ANY of it?

Convert He cannot control u and If you believe most of the things then accept the rest because most makes sense

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