If (big if!) the Germans had won the war, how do you think it would have affected our country and the world?

This is a scary thought but sometimes it crosses my mind. Of course, good prevailed in the end with the thanks of Britain (and America I may add, the russians and others) but if those Germans at the time would have won the war what do you think our country would have been like now?

Would they really have killed all those who did not have blonde hair and blue eyes, would they have raped our women and murdered our children? Would one by one they have tortured us until there was no original British civilians left? It’s a really scary thought and glad old Winston knocked it on the head.

Would the world have been finally ruled by them and their meglamaniac ways? What do you think? I highly doubt i would be sat here discussing this right now, and at times like that is when I feel proud to be British!

there is a novel about this…Fatherland I think its called? haven’t read it but its on my list. but i assume we’d all be speaking German and we would all have blond hair. there wouldnt be any disabled people, jehovahs witnesses or Jews (although some would probably be using Jews as slaves). of course there would be civil wars all over the place as nazi-inclined and non-nazi inclined people would be fighting between themselves. and you wouldnt have any freedom of speech to ask the question ‘what if the allies had won the war’. God imagine it though.

edit – Fatherland by Robert Harris

The land of Israel would never have been recreated and the Muslims would rule all of the middle east: parts of Asia, and the continent of Africa. The &quot:Mufti&quot: of Jerusalem Hajj Muhammad Amin al-Husseini was a powerful entity during the 1920s and 1930s and he was responsible for a great number of pogroms against any Jew in the middle east. During WW ll he aligned himself with Hitler and did very good work for the Nazis. He was one of the &quot:Main Architects&quot: of the final solution and was close to Himmler, and Eichmann. He would have been rewarded well for his services to the Aryan race. The nephew of Hajj Muhammad Amin al-Husseini was one &quot:Yasar Arafat&quot: whom I would suspect to be the one to inherit his uncle and mentors mantle when he died.
There would be an uneasy detente in North America and South America would flourish. Japan would have all of China, and Mongolia as well as parts of Siberia, Australia would probably be a satellite of the the Pacific Rim economically but I don’t think the Nippers would have been able to overcome the continent. Again an uneasy truce there in the Pacific Rim with the Germans and Japanese.
North America would be free but on a constant guard and our military would be heightened considerably: much more that what we see today.
England would be a private getaway for the German and Nazi elite and Churchill would have been killed by the war. Queen Elizabeth would be imprisoned in a gilded cage as a courtesy to the English but there would be no real Monarchy to speak of, nor a democracy either.
We would not be as free as we are now. We would not have had such a social revolution in the western world that we did experience in the 1960s: a very powerful and pivotal decade of social strife and upheavel that we have not seen since. It would never have happened but our technologies would have been pushed to the limit much faster than what we know now and odds are that the Germans would have been the first to put a man in space and then on to the moon.
That’s about it in a nutshell.

Horrible thoughts for sure. Then too the English language would not be taught all over the world it would be German. I for one am glad because German is a ridiculously hard language to learn. @ old dog: you have a great scenario. I tend to agree with most of it except the Japanese thing. I think the US would put up a lot of interference if they tried to take over Australia &amp: lots of the Pacific islands. mo..

The UK would probably be better off financially and we’d probably not come last in the Eurovision Song Contest so often, still glad we won.

nothing much, people fail to understand nazi germany didn’t have a world view other than a greater germany expanding eastward, if germany had won the western war forced upon her things would have got back to normal soon enough, Indeed the British empire would have fared a lot better than in did under the American alliance.

actually hitler was one of the first geog-political theorists and saw the world in power blocks. to state that the Nazi aim was to invade and control the world is wrong, nationalists don’t want to set the world on fire they just want to light a flame in your heart lol

The white race of germans would rule most of the world,
Blacks, Gays, and Jews. All into the ovens.

the british economy would be as good as the german – i suppose?

Firstly, they had no near chance of winning. Secondly, IF they won, I think all Jews would be executed and a rebellion would probably form after some time of Germany being so powerful over Europe. Lastly, (don’t you dare deny this athiests!) God is in control of everything that happens. The Jews were eing very disloyal to God, so he allowed Hitler to wake them up.

We’d have our wheelie bins emptied more often! -hopes im not hated-

we would all be driving volkswagens and not crappy fords

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