How can a Christian support the death penalty?

when the teachings of jesus christ opposes any form of cruelty?

Excellent observation. Many Christians cite Old Testament passages supporting capital punishment (&quot:an eye for an eye&quot:). What they may not realize (or choose to ignore) is that the OT prescribes death for many, MANY things far milder than murder. For example:

– Adultery (Leviticus 20:10)
– Blasphemy (Leviticus 24:16)
– Breaking the Sabbath (Exodus 31:14 &amp: 15)
– Disobedient children (Exodus 21:15 &amp: 17: Leviticus 20:9)
– Homosexuality (Leviticus 20:13)
– Not being a virgin on your wedding night (but only if you’re a woman – Deuteronomy 22:20-21)

The New Testament (starring Jesus) is primarily ANTI-death penalty. For example, in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus praises mercy (Matthew 5:7) and rejects “an eye for an eye” (Matthew 5:38-39). James 4:12 says that GOD is the only one who can take a life in the name of justice. Romans 12:17-21 warns us against answering evil with evil, and assures us that God will see to justice in the afterlife. In John 8:7, Jesus points out that all humans are imperfect, and therefore unqualified to decide whether someone lives or dies.

There are many, many practical problems with capital punishment (that I won’t get into here), but purely from a moral standpoint, it is pretty clear that Jesus did not support it. True CHRISTians shouldn’t, either.

People have misunderstood Jesus as being opposed to any form of cruelty but He wasn’t. He admitted that He wasn’t sent here to change the laws of His Father the God Yahweh but to fulfill them. That means Jesus supported the Mosaic Laws of His Father Yahweh which included Yahweh’s death penalty laws. Jesus told one of the two thieves that were being crucified with Him that He would be joining Jesus in Heaven after their death on the cross. Why didn’t Jesus say that to the other thief if Jesus opposed all forms of cruelty? Jesus also sent a number of evil spirits into a herd of pigs that killed themselves by running off a cliff. That sure sounds like Jesus committing a cruel act to me.

Jesus said old testament will apply until there is no longer any need for salvation (Matthew Chapter 5). And according to the old testament, you can be put to death for:
Working on the sabbath.
Having sex with an engaged virgin, or being the engaged virgin and not screaming for help.
Sleeping with member of your own sex.
If you’re a woman, not being a virgin on the day of your wedding.
Being a disobedient child(in that case every child in america should be put to death by stoning).
Following a different religion.
Etc, etc.

So it isn’t against Christian doctrine to execute sinners, it’s encouraged in the old testament, even right in the ten commandments, moments before &quot:thou shalt not kill&quot:.

Almost every church in existence encourages Christians to break the commandments in one form or another. Don’t worship on the Sabbath day! try Sunday instead! Idolatry is fine as long as you worship a statue of Jesus or Mary! Call the priest ‘father’! Swear on the Holy Bible! Killing for your country is ok, and so is killing bad people, and, well, anyone else we don’t like! Adulterous? No problem! And so on, and so on.

If you believe in Jesus, you should do as he did, and he kept God’s commandments, and told us to do the same.

The death penalty can be painless. But in my experience, most Christians don’t support the death penalty, because they believe that if the person lives long enough, one day he or she may repent and get &quot:saved.&quot:

&quot:When the teachings of Jesus Christ oppose any form of cruelty&quot: — you haven’t read much of the Bible have you?

In Genesis 9, it says that man’s blood will be shed for the murder of another man.

Funny huh, as an atheist I am 100% against the death penalty.

christians are by and far some of the most hypocritical people out there not to mention half of them are ignorant of many beliefs in their faith or pick and choose which ones are important.

i always am so happy im more enlightened now and void of the burden of the lie that is religion. i was raised in christian schools my entire life, made to study parts of the bible, go to church, etc. it was inevitable that i would part from the church. a constantly questioning mind could never be happy with religion as it does require comfort with ignorance (i.e. the constant teaching that doubting and questioning god and his teachings is blasphemous and sinful. such a great way to design things so people will just follow your religion without thinking for themselves.)

oh and im very against the death penalty btw. life should never be used as a means of punishment. it is also proven to be very ineffective in that the states with the highest homicide rates are also many of the states in which death penalty is legal.

I’m a believer in Christ and I don’t support the death penalty !

‘when the teachings of Jesus christ opposes any form of cruelty?’
JC taught a lot of things, including killing nonbelievers in him.

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