Do you think the global marxists will make their moves of violence to kill off the USA soon?

Fidel Castro called Russia ‘The Soviets’? Was that a Freudian slip? Read my archives on Russia and communism for more, because the Soviet Union and communism never died. It was the greatest hoax in the history of mankind and the left wing plants in the media helped to hide this.

I thought communism was dead? Well it is far from dead folks and they have been fighting us with an invisible hand and that hand is radical Islam. Don’t believe me? Before former KGB agent Alexander Livinenko was poisoned in England with polonium 210 he made this statement Russia is fighting the USA with an invisible hand. Now you know why he was murdered by his old mates.

The Republicans have been telling the big lie for many years that Reagan defeated communism. Oh really? I think someone should inform Castro, Putin, Chavez, Obama, Hu and Kim Jung-il about this fantasy. The Soviets ‘staged’ their collapse to appear weak: meanwhile they increased espionage after the collapse of the USSR. It is interesting that you never hear the Republicans make that statement publicly.

Well, I believe the same ‘staged’ collapse is coming to the USA courtesy of Obama to avoid WW III. It will be a simultaneous collapse and surrender to avoid an all out war. The Democrats and our gravest enemies are working together to make sure that the Republicans do not take back any power. Most people are hip to their Marxist agenda and they have to act now to avoid a November slaughter at the polls.

These evil bastards will do anything to keep power and that includes plotting with our enemies. Otherwise, the Republicans will take back control and this will upset the Marxists in Russia and China who are orchestrating this entire Islamic and Marxist revolution that we have been seeing since 9-11.

I have been warning people and it is document on radio appearances and my website that they are all baiting Israel into a war. this will start a tsunami of events that will change the world forever as we know it. I said over and over that Our enemies do not want the Republicans taking back anything.

There will be an outcry to have the UN declare a global emergency and global martial law: which will be the one world communist government that we all have been waiting to arrive. We are on the doorstep folks.

Of course I do not know for sure that they will do this, but I WOULD if I were in their shoes. NOW is the perfect time to strike, because they have their communist plant in the White House. They have been planning this the past 100 years, but phase two kicked in back in 1958 when it was devised by the KGB after Stalin died.

Plus, the US Military and spread out all over the world and we are BROKE. I have been thinking about their strategy for quite some time and this is the scenario that I envision:

China will invade and secure Taiwan

Russia will invade Georgia

Venezuela will invade Colombia

North Korea will invade South Korea

Multiple terrorist attacks within the USA that will be blamed on Al Qaeda, but Russian special forces (Spetznaz) will be the real culprits.

Israel will be attacked by guess who? The religion of peace…

World communism will be in place….they won.

Do you think I am crazy? Castro is speaking on behalf of PUTIN and it does not take a damn rocket scientist to figure that out.

My advice to you and to make sure that you have plenty of food and water to ride this wave…and pray. The Tea Parties were 50 years too late. Your grand parents should have listened to McCarthy, rather than attacking him.

Miami Herald – Castro Speech

Fidel Castro to Warn Assembly of Nuclear War Between the USA and Russian Proxies, Iran and North Korea

Steve Cooper, Conservative Monster

One answer said that Castro was not a Communist, but rather a dictator. Who do you think runs Communist countries? Dictators. Communism is not a good idea because mankind is corrupt and you will ALWAYS wind up with a dictator.

Nobody ever questions what happened to all of the Soviet Communists since nobody died in the staged collapse of the USSR. They were already planted here, and remain here filling the heads of the American people with their propaganda. The Soviets were masters at propaganda, and still are through the sold out American media, and Hollywood.

When will they move. I don’t know, but Americans are very weak and easily deceived. Look at the election of 2008. Nobody questioned Obama, but only got caught up in the fact that he was the first black president(black yes, American heritage, no). Nobody knew or cared what he stood for even though it was right in their face. I think it is to late to turn America back without major bloodshed. Here is a good website for news reports on what Communists are up to.



I can’t read all of that, I just can’t.

Since you OBVIOUSLY have a case of the red scare.
Communism in Russia was a failed experiment, but communism is a good idea and someone will probably try it and succeed in the future. Communist leaders like Castro found out that they couldn’t make communism work and became dictators.

I hope you are wrong but we are in serious trouble if any of the countries you mentioned do work together. It is a frightening scenario. If the illegals get the vote we can hang it up.

our own government will give the order for certain americans and other certain nationalities to be killed off very soon. watch glen beck, watch and listen to what he is saying. everything he has been describing in recent shows tells in a round about way of the NWO.

America fell asleep at the wheel and woke up in time to see it all fall apart.

Do you Americans really believe this stuff? Idiots.

haha dude I give you props man you put a lot for the effort and its so true

Sounds possible.

Chicken Little, who let you out?

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