Do you support president Bush for war against Iran?

I am Iranian and really the reason written in the media for war against Iran make me laugh, They are not right. Don’t get me wrong, this regim is not our faivorit regim but we have safe counry, why the rest of the world wants to start another war for nothing.

America does not have enough military to fight another war … our troops are already stretched too thin.

If the current administration declares war against Iran because of Iran’s attempt to further its nuclear technology (which any modernizing nation pursues in order to accommodate increasing energy demands), then I’ll be certain this administration is NUTS.

Why are Americans so quick to believe every report that comes out of Washington? My God, multinationals fund election campaigns and control our government … and they have their own clear agenda …

And if the CIA and FBI didn’t follow up on THREE clear reports warning of suspicious/potential terrorists in American flight schools prior to 911, and if the CIA couldn’t figure out whether or not Saddam had WMD, then why in the heck would anybody even seriously believe their warnings about Iran?

I do not support an attack on iran nor do most people I know.

the war must be happen either we want or not. u should have make this bomb so secretly then disclose. the arabian oil kings can not help u.

We do not have the manpower. I hate this speculation.

no not reli i think if he had aa chance he wud work with the iran ppl to try and kill us all shhhhhh dont tell anyone lol um ya

100% agree with you— and let me tell you that a lot of americans would agree with you fully. We want peace!

this site if full of waks!! lemme tell you that these are lunatics— and don’t believe their words— they are here to provoke our thoughts and decisions… they are probably not even real people…

peace y’all—

and believe in kharma— it will all come back to you

What are you talking about &quot:for nothing?&quot: You have a crazed dictator over there developing nuclear weapons.

my question is why is he bombing them?
i do not support him it just causes trouble between others!

i very support president bush for war against Oran, because Oran to ego is, and Oran people all terrorist……..(just kidding)

I hope we do go to war, and soon!!!!

absolutely not.

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