Do you believe that teenagers can know what love is?

I have heard the phrase You are too young to even know what love is! on TV and in films all the time, mostly spoken to teenagers and adolesents. But I personally believe that teenagers can definatly know what love is if the feeling is strong enough. And I don’t really think that adults today have the right to say that, since a large amount of adult marraiges end in divorce now.

What do you think?


There are a lot of forms of love. My best friend wrote an essay about the different forms of love, and it was really really good. Basically it had a bunch of examples of many types of love. I think anyone who is alive can love, and even when people die, they are still in people’s hearts. Anyone can feel love, give love, receive love. No ages.

I agree.
First of all, just because you’ve never been in love doesn’t mean you don’t know what love is.
Love means different things to different people, therefore no one has the right to tell anyone they don’t know what love is. Anyone of any age can be in love.
And also, this is kind of beside the point, but people act like romantic love is the only type of love there is. It’s most definitely not. Even babies love their parents, and I would hardly call that love fake.

Teen emotions are even stronger then adult. They fall in love faster and with more intensity. The reason people claim teens don’t know love or what it really is would be because they also fall out of love faster then adults.

Remember love is a chemical imbalance in the brain. It can be duplicated with cocaine or dark chocolate.

I think we do know what love is. Okay, we’re young we’ll meet more people in life. I get it. lol. but seriously years ago, girls were getting married at 15 to 16 years old and staying with that spouse till death. Its still happening in some countries, was there no such thing as love years ago when 15 and 16 years old were getting married? I’m pretty sure there was, maybe they didn’t fall in love before they were married, or maybe they did, but…it worked out didn’t it? I think we do know what love is, the example i just gave prolly doesn’t make sense in writing but it makes sense when i think of it lol.

Sure they can if they are in the right relationship. I’m 33 now, and look back on my first serious relationship that lasted a year when I was 17. I was definitely in love and have the best memories of that time. It took me a long time to get over him!

It really depends on the teenager, and the couple. If they are mature and responsible enough, they can know what love is. They can experience it younger than others might.

some childrens mature ahead of others. consequently, some comprehend falling in love lots extra beneficial. As for experiencing lust, adults do a great interest of that as quickly as they use the &quot:centers&quot: of a prostitute. i grew to become into somebody who matured lots slower than my pals. whilst i grew to become right into a youngster and standard observed that i grew to become into attracted to women, i did no longer have any sexual urges. i’ve got faith that each physique i needed grew to become into some own companionship with somebody who grew to become into much less tough and hard than my male pals.

well.. it’s not unheard of.. i’ve known people who were highschool sweethearts, and they’re still together 15 years later.. but life doesn’t always have that fairytale ending. It’s rare that teenage love lasts, i’m not trying to be mean but it’s true.

Alls i can say is you will find love when you find the one..but saying i love you is a commitment to share a piece of your heart with that person.

Yes, anyone can find love at any age. It’s just harder to believe that teens can find love is because of their lack of maturity.

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