Did you learn anything over the weekend?

Become more of an underwear expert maybe? lol
Just thinking of that as I’m getting dressed…

Poll: Boyshorts or granny panties? lol

I learned that I have a really naughty friend….oh wait, I already knew that : )


I learned that even if there is a foot of snow on the ground (and it’s still coming down, mixed with ice), people in Lexington, KY will STILL come to the mall (I work there).

Poll: Boyshorts!!

I learned over that weekend that just when you think it can’t possibly snow anymore this winter, you get another foot of the white stuff dumped on you!

Boyshorts are way more comfy and fun!

I learned that getting a tattoo on your lower tum tum hurts.

Boyshorts 🙂

I’m always open to learning new things!


I learned that men get nicer with age

and commando isn’t always appropriate..ooops..
and it is pretty sad when you have to wear underwear because your pants are too lowrise..sad but so so comfortable,,I hate jeans hugging my belly

Come on ..u know it’s granny panties ..girlfriend!…lol

with abit of g string mixed in…

Chicks in boyshorts make my pants tight! he-he…

Nope… I think I’m sufficiently experience when it coems to my own underwear, lol

Yeah if you stay up for 30 hours u will be one f-up person.

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