Britain coming last in Eurovision?

leaving aside the ethnic block voting- it really was just a very poor song and performance?

i don’t quite get it, in the voting to choose to song for us (the uk) to use in the contest, there are plenty of half decent songs, yet the vote in the end chooses the worst performance.

i didn’t see this years eurovision, but i just knew it would suck anyway. i don’t understand why the countries in europe decide to vote by popularity and sucking up, it’s supposed to be a talent contest. they’re the ones implying the UK is such a horribe country, when they themselves decide to corrupt the voting system. what’s the point, it’s such an obvious sham.

Somebody has to come last in any contest.It’s more a political thing with the voting these days.Somehow, the music just doesn’t matter any more.I’ll not be watching it in future.Most of the acts are utter rubbish.Sir Terry is thinking of quitting, it would be for the best if he did to be honest.

There are so many talented singers/songwriters in Britain,I am sure we could have picked a better one.

Britain doesn’t seem capable of holding its own anymore in this contest and now they’re talking of pulling out next year. That would just make them look like whiny losers.

Yes, it was some jig from a karaoke contest wasn’t it?

Agreed. We royally sucked.

Farcical as usual.

yep though not as bad as that turkey ireland was trying to get on!!

Yes,pretty lame…

Not surprised

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