Audi a4 Black or Silver?

I’m going to buy a new Audi a4 sedan. Should I get it in Black or in Quartz Grey (silver-like color). Both would have a black interior.

I like the black but I’m nervous it will be too hot in the summer and show dirt too much.

I also like the Grey because the contrast with the black interior looks good. It also hides scratches better and stays cooler. However its not as sexy as the black.

Help me out, please?

*I’m a girl

Website: Brilliant Black v. Quartz Gray Metallic

I like grey with black interior. Black shows dirt and it seems like every high end car is black. I also read a silly article that said people with black cars statistically have lower self esteem. Who pays for those studies anyway?

Consider a Black Model .
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Silver is easier to maintain , black is very sharp though. If I were you I would forget the A4, and get a blacked out s6. The car is sick. black wheels, black tint, black tail lights, but leave the mirrors , and grill chrome alone. I know this is an extreme suggestion, but you asked.

I have a black car and I love it. I think a4’s look good in white if you get some decently tinted windows. But if white isn’t for you I’d go with black.

definatley silver, doesnt show scratches as muchh, doesnt look as dirty as black, and black has a higher insurance costs. also, silver just looks more sexy and sleek as a black color would, i personally love AUDI’S because there so beautiful and amazing. so id take one in black to, but silver is just easier to keep up with!

i would go for the silver much easier to go out with as it will always look cleaner
unless you are prepared to wash it at least twice a week then buy the black
who cares if it is sexy
people you know will only think that for the first few days and then after that its only you who will care

Either colour will look stunning. My A8 is silver pearlescent and looks great.Any scratches will be less noticeable on a silver model.

Always go with Black.

Black, for sure.

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