Why is there a government office of women’s health, but no office of men’s health?

Because women control the world. They always have and always will.

The government is sadly very sexist and hypocritical. The same thing also goes to today’s society.

Women’s health is more important to them obviously. Who cares about men’s health, right?

More feminist sponsored inequality.

Because they hate men


The &quot:Disposible Man&quot: theory.

Because while women live longer than men they don’t live longer ENOUGH.

(I apologize for the deliberately broken English but I thought it sounded funny and I think the message is intact)

Second answer: Days later. Equality! Seriously, do you think if the shoe was on the other foot, feminists would EVER shut up about it? As it is, they never mention it at all.

In the U.S., we spend our tax dollars on programs, offices, councils and acts designed to help women, not men. It’s the nature of gynocentrism.

The government doesn’t care about men’s health.

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