Why do Black people born in the USA call themselves African Americans?

If you are born in the US you are American, whether you are black, white, brown, green… you all see where Im going with this. To me it seems wanting to be called something your not is wrong, if this is the case I should be called Mexican-UK-Sweden-German-American. Intelligent answers please respond.

only native americans are the real americans not whites, but of course since the majority of the country is white, and the people who make these terms are white, it all went their way..

and also its because, they paid for black slaves (yes blacks did sale their own people) mostly from africa.. thats why they think black people have african heritage.

Ask the government that?? On almost all of the official government documents, they have African American listed. You should ask white people in history why they decided to call them this when black people finally got rights because this is the way they decided to categorize black people. It’s not black people’s fault that they’re called African American. Most that I know would rather be called black anyways.

But when you really think about it, it does make since. Their ancestors are African so they’re African American. There are black people in the UK, Germany, Sweden and all over the world, but if they came to the US, they would still be considered African American because it’s not about where you were born or where you live, they categorize people by where the majority of the person’s ancestors come from or their race/nationality.

They…wait scratch that WE call our selfs African americans because our ancestors came from africa. We are of only one race. You have mixed ancestory therefore you are MIXED not Mexican-UK(which is no a race by the way einstein)-swedISH-german-american. If you were from mexico from only mexico and your mom grew up in America along with your mom’s mom and your grandmother’s mom you would still call your self mexican because that is what you are. Sure you have been in the USA but your desendents are from Mexico. ALSO if your family has mixed ansestory you cant really call your self one race you are mixed as I mentioned before. Plus if that were the case wouldn’t white people call themselves european american? I mean come on stop discriminating. Gosh I am 12 years old and can intelligently look at this subject much better than you can.

i’ve got no subject calling myself, or being observed as, Euro American or ecu American and a few people even call me Irish u.s. which i’m happy with. in case you’re black and are chuffed calling your self African American then you relatively would desire to accomplish that. be conscious that no longer all Africans are black. The Egyptians, Algerians, Tunisians, Libyans and Moroccans are predominantly Caucasian. that’s possibly a stable time to submit to in recommendations that we are all individuals and all of us had ancestors who got here from someplace else. Even the community individuals’ andcestors got here from Asia.

Because Americans do not I identify with the country as an entity. Because this country is based ton the Emigration of people from another place ther heritage is what Identifies them. Ask someone where there family came from, even if they were first family to step on the shores from the Mayflower and the will say the families country of origin. (i.e. England, Ireland, Italy or Africa.) But if you talk to black people in Europe the will say they are German or British or Irish, Because the sense of nationality in the European nations is stronger, while America is the Melting pot and the heritage is always what has stood out. So people put their country of origin first like I am an Irish American or someone else is a Italian American. Holding onto you culture is what makes America different and great. All the cultures and immigrants have contributed and we have built this country on the backs of these people as they have come here over time. So yes people hold there heritage in America very sacred, But they still Identify themselves as Americans.

You are correct. We are all American. It does not matter where our GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT ancestors came from. We are from here. I was born HERE. Why are we here if we can’t be proud of where we are from instead of where people we never met are from. I am prud to be an American. I am not from Africa nor have I had to deal with some of their struggles. I can not claim something that I was not a part of. And by the way, to the person who said that chinese ect ect say they are that + American….well, I don’t hear that often. If you ask them what they are, they will say where they are from. If they are from here and there parents are from beyond, they will claim the nationality. But I don’t hear many Americans outside of Black people add all of that and American. We are all here. We are American. I am mixed with far to much to only claim one thing. I look closer to black however, but I am not going to claim one thing over the other. All of who I am matters, not just one. Both of my parents count. But I am American.
And on a side note, in a way it is as saying that you are not enough as just American. White do not do that. So do they own the American culture? Or do Blacks feel as though they are far more superior and they can’t just be American? It can be sliced and diced in many different ways.

They call themselves African Americans, because they are descended from Africans. However, let’s get this straight most or all the Blacks who call themselves African American also have other blood (European, Native American or Asian). Therefore, when a black person calls themselves African-American, they are denying part of their descendency.

because I’m of African descent and an American.

it’s like how people who are of say Irish ancestry call them selves Irish American

or people of Mexican descent call themselves Mexican American.


it IS being called what you are.

they are saying they are American. put saying you are American doesn’t mean you have to only idenitify with that one part of your make up.

as for if you SHOULD call yourself Mexican-UK-Sweden-German American, it’s all up to you. it’s a free country you have your right to use that long title if yo want to or not. Just as everyone else has the right to through what ever in front of American when they talk about themselves.

Hello African Americans r from Africa it does not matter if ur black born in the USA or white born in Africa. We hav our own names and I don’t think nobody can change that.

Black people born in the USA do not call themselves African American, at least not all of them. If Charlize Theron decided to make America her home then she would African American. I am not. I am American. I don’t know who decided to use the term, but they didn’t talk to everyone it affected.

Of course, it would never have occured to you that a people who were forcefully brought to America in chains and kept in slavery for 300 years and had their cultures stolen from them might want to hang on to whatever little shred of their ancestries that they can. You can trace your roots back to Mexico, the UK, Sweden, Germany, etc. All they know is that their ancestors came from &quot:somewhere in Africa&quot:. Do you know how many countries there are in Africa? So if they want to refer to themselves as &quot:African-Americans&quot:, who are you to question that or try to take that away from them? How is it harming you?

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