Which is better to get, a new laptop or an ipad?

Hi so which do you think is better to get, a new laptop, or an ipad?
I have a feeling what my graduation gift is going to be this year, a new laptop or an ipad.
My inside source is my sister lol.

I would prefer money because I could use it on whatever I want, fun-ness and college related stuff.
But I am grateful for anything.

The thing is, I don’t really want a laptop because I already have a pretty nice desktop computer.
But for college, it’s nice to bring one around I guess. But I don’t want to always carry it around D:
And believe me, I won’t use it to take notes. I am a paper and pencil kind of girl.
I can’t type as the professor is speaking. I have to scribble it down and come home and later rewrite it. I know that’s how I am going to be because that’s how I am in high school.

But I don’t really want an ipad either. Wouldn’t it be harder to take notes it class? Or just use? Wouldn’t a laptop be easier? I kinda want an ipad because I never had one before, plus I can use some really cool apps.
Oh and as for ipads, do you have to pay for internet service each month, or can you just use the wifi in college?
So which do you think would be a better thing to get and why?

Thanks! 🙂

Get the ipad. With it, you can buy a separate case with a keyboard on it that you can attatch to the ipad. It can act as both!!!

i could say the pc although what could be ultimate varies reckoning on what use you have in strategies. in case you like a compact and quickly obtainable pill that may not very effectual (i.e door to door salesmen who desire something small yet no longer inevitably effectual to assist with sales) then the Ipad if do extra snap shots extensive or means hungry stuff than the pc is what you desire additionally evaluate, very virtually any utility you desire has a freeware or shareware variation online on computers. while in comparison with apple’s that have an fairly restrictive app save that oftentimes expenses alot! i cant settle on for you based interior the available information with out being bias so i’ll assert this, in case you desire compact and simplicity of use then purchase the ipad. in case you desire extra means and means usages on your answer that chosen a pc

Buy a tablet or a laptop – Tablets are capable of many tasks that were previously only possible with a laptop or PC. But that does not necessarily mean laptops are obsolete. There are still limitations to what you can do with a tablet.

Ultimately, laptops and tablets are complementary devices: It is not a case of one or the other. Each has its strengths and weaknesses and is suitable for different tasks.

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iPads are more user friendly, have apps, and are cheaper than most laptops.
They run free on wifi and there is a monthly charge on 3G if you want it

Laptops have better internals and are easier to use certain programs

I’d get an ipad

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