What’s your opinion of Obama in light of his pastor’s racist remarks?

I actually bought into his whole message of unity, and then I find out he idolizes a pastor that’s been preaching BIGOTRY for the past 20 years! He just lost my vote. Good riddance.

i WAS an obama fan…but after that jerk water pastor and farrecant (cant spell)..he has lost mine and other obama fans votes/
…no way he never knew what that church was all about..so much for why he doesnt wear an american flag pin..or puts his hand over his heart…how the hell did he get sworn in as a senator without putting his hand on the bible…makes you wonder what other african-american churches preach…NO..not all are biased..but i am sick ans tired of [email protected]@holes blaming 9/11 on americans..that tells me those people are pro-islam …i am 62 and NEVER have i seen or heard about the crap being braught up about these candidates…

Do you have any additional links to these racist comments? I’ve only heard the montage Senor Chin provided on his radio show… which referred to the US in a derogatory manner, said crudely that Hillary doesn’t know what it is to be black and insensitively stated that US policy in the world played a major role in 9/11.
I agree that he didn’t use elegant language and that racism is not the same as the Klan, but I agree with the other 2 statements… I’m white, which plays a major role into the biases that I use to judge the world around me, I don’t know what it is to be black. As far as the 3rd, well, like any other state in the world the US has dirty hands–ours are under a microscope because we’re the hyper-power.
Personally I don’t care what the pastor said, provided he isn’t breaking the law.

Edit: Blinky, every state has dirt on its hands for fun you can google &quot:School of the Americas&quot: and then &quot:Dirty Wars&quot:… even today with our interdiction efforts we are causing chaos and that’s just this/Our hemisphere.

in no way replaced into for him to start with, he fails to respond to questions at random and all are arranged responses, he provides each thing to get the vote. So I learn him to a great motor vehicle salesman. i will confess in spite of the incontrovertible fact that he does paint a competent image and is quite the speaker. yet that isn’t be in a position to get the activity forward completed. ~~Peace~~

I have to admit that hearing the quotes from the pastor at first left me unimpressed as I thought well, that’s the pastor, NOT the man who wasn’t even running for office when those words were spoken seven years ago. But to find out that Obama hero-worships this man, and that this man has been preaching things like that for twenty years, that leaves me looking a lot more favorably at Hillary.


I tend to believe that everyone has the right to their own opinion, and shouldn’t be held to the same opinions as those around them.

So the preacher is a bigot. What does that have to do with Obama? My pastor is a veteran – does that mean that I like war?

I think that people need to listen to what OBAMA’s opinions are, and stop worrying about those around him. Same with the other candidates. Too many worry that the campaigns are not all just filled with mindless sheep following one individual. But again, if that were the case, everyone would be b*tching about that.

Obama didn’t say it. I’m more glad I voted for him that ever. I don’t buy that you were going to vote for him in the first place. Could you please explain exactly what part of the pastor’s message was hate filled, anti-American and racist? I’ll be waiting. I think this is just another smear and fear campaign being forged by the media, the Clinton campaign and possibly the McCain campaign who Karl Rove is now working for.

So you voting for McCain with Hagee and Parsley or Hillary?

that the people around him are racist.

his pastor is an idiot. his wife slipped up too with some comments that you now cant help tie with wright’s rantings.

america is waking up to the fact that not only whites are racists, but hispanics are racist, blacks are racist: this election race has shown us that on paper in statistics.

Doesnt matter what his pastor said or didnt say I NEVER believed one word that came outta OBamas big mouth anyway!!!! Hes always just been a load of BS all the way!

i am going to use the &quot:write in&quot: option. i cannot in good conscience vote for any of the three. so, i will use my right to write in my choice, i cannot cast my vote off to any of the three b/c none are viable options to me.

yo, dudes with the thumbs down crap, at least i will still excerise my right to vote. none of the three are going to be good for the country. but my vote will not help put them there. but damn, i have the right to write in any name. i am excerising my voting right.

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