whats ur fav. song right now???

what type of music do you like and what songs are ur fav.right now?? i have $20 to itunes so i wanted some ides on what songs to get? thanxxxx

i love all types of rock. Hard rock, punk, emo, alternative, acoustic, pretty much anything along those lines. My 2 favorite songs right now are

How far We’ve Come- Matchbox Twenty
Beating Hearts Baby- Head Automatica

i like a lot of songs a lot but right now so far i would say roc boys by Jay-z

im really stoopid so rite now im obsessed with panic at the disco. all my friends r hating me rite now 4 it but i like their song called but it’s better if u do

trry billboard.com for the latest hit single sales.

im not sure what your taste in music is, but MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. listen to the lyrics, its just so deep, honest, and beautiful. my favorite album is three cheers for sweet revenge.

you can not go wrong with Elvis!~

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