What NASCAR Driver would vote for President?

Past or Present, what NASCAR driver would you vote for president and why?


No one even comes close other than him, down 2 earth, a real caring people person and ALWAYS has time to stop to talk with anyone to get to know them!

None – they speed around ovals doing well over 100 miles an hour with inches between them &amp: the other cars. I love racing but how smart is that really – presidents always seem smart before &amp: dumb afterwards so I can not vote for someone who lacks good judgement (the following too close thing). Plus it takes a certain amount of conceit to have the confidence to race &amp: that is not a good presidential trait.
They are awesome in their careers but president is pushing it. We go away with the one actor but I would prefer more business &amp: political experience.
That is why I am a Dale Jr fan – he has a business manager &amp: concentrates on driving.
I would vote for Joe Gibbs or Rick Hendricks – good business sense &amp: plays well with others.

I know a lot of people have said Jeff Burton, me personally would have to with Ward. Be kinda funny watching Congress need translators to understand the State Of The Union Address. But then again a few of them dealt with Strom Thurmond for years, so understanding Ward might not be too much of a stretch. Don’t get me wrong I like both Burton brothers, but damn I have a ***** of a time understanding Ward(ok, an observation I made once Ward Burton sounds just like Boomhauer(sp?) from King Of The Hill)

Jimmy Spencer

I’m going with the pack here… definitely Superdave! And for President from the drivers, Kyle Petty…

I am a big Jeff Gordon fan, but I think it would be best if he stayed a NASCAR driver. I would vote Jeff Burton president because I have never seen him be rude to any driver.

Benny Parson of course!

president MR helton vice president Kyle Petty

look at what the helton family has done for the sport of racing.took it from a local racing event and turned it into a international sport.theyve been looking out for the little guy.now a young team can be as competitive as the multicar teams. as for kyle no matter what kind of day he had hes almost always smiling and look at what his family has done a VICTORY JUNCTION CAMP.giving young disadvantaged kids a chance at doing something they wouldnt have done otherwise

No body has any political experience except for Richard Petty. And that isn’t much either. He ran for a North Carolina Congressional seat and lost the election. So I guess I would go with him.

Tony Stewart

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