What kind of topics and articles do you find interesting in any type of magazine or newspaper?

Before I stopped taking the paper, I found I only had time to check the
entertainment section. Reading about gossip concerning movie or
TV stars and what they’d done to have reported by the press.
I always check the medical columns, written by a doctor. Like in the
Saturday Evening Post, there are a couple of columns of interest with
medical problems of senior citizens, wanting help or suggestions.
I am interested in articles dealing with th eeconomy and how to
stretch my dollars. I skim the topics related to current news and go
on to the comic strip section where I read the strips that are funny
to me. I try to stay abreast of all the current events and headlines.
And from those I miss, I can depend on my husband to fill me in
since he gets his news from the TV and I get mine from websites.
It’s become too depressing to read these at any length. The world
is changing at a faster rate of speed and I see my age is slip sliding
away and I’m getting older too fast. So I’m also interested in maintaining my appearance as I age, and the tips I can find that
have to do with taking better care of myself as well as my appear-
ance. I generally cover an entire paper by scanning. And pick out
only those articles that really interest me. Those related to what I
have already mentioned.

I’m new to this area and I enjoy reading the obits. Each one seems to have their own story that involves the growth here or military involvement. I also like to read a column in my hometown newspaper that reflects times gone by, as well as current topics.

World events, any thing to do with science or history. I receive the National Geographic magazine as well as some other mags. about science. I am not interested in actors or rock bands. Poppy

I read two papers, from front page to back. I usually toss aside the sports and classified ads. The features I like best are the letters to the editor and the editorial and op-ed pages. I guess my favorite topics are political.

Articles about ancient archaeological places being discovered has always appealed to me. In politics, I like the editorials of Charles Krauthammer.

spices and herbs, especially in regard to health
natural medicine
odd stories
survival stories
good Samaritan stories
stories that happen in small towns
international stories

I mostly read science and technology articles.

I like all the psychic stuff, because I am a believer.

everything. I read everything so it takes me hours to read newspapers.

You start by writing the most newsworthy info and so on.

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