US Army girlfriend deployed abroad – How will I be informed if something happens?

My girlfriend is a US AY soldier and deployed in Afghanistan. Now god forbid something happens to her, how will I be informed about it, as I am not married to her yet?

Information I have is to write an email after one week, if I don t hear anything from her anymore, to the forcewelfaredept.

There is an online site called icasualties but is it reliable?

I hope some of you guys have knowledge in it and can help me to stay informed and/or how you handle these situations?

Many thanks in advance

Ask GF to add you to her page 2……………….

You’re either a Troll or you’re being scammed.

&quot:forcewelfaredept&quot: is not a real thing.

Is this your real girlfriend or someone you met online claiming to be a soldier while scamming you out of your money? If it’s your real girlfriend, she gives your contact information to her parents or other next of kin. They are the ones the military contacts if there is a need. Without being married, you don’t exist to the Army.

As the &quot:boyfriend&quot:……you are of ZERO concern the military.

She will be asked to name a beneficiary on the life insurance policy……and THAT’s who they notify if something goes wrong. Often a parent or close relative.

if she happens to list YOU………….Lucky you.

if not………you won’t hear squat directly. …..unless it’s straight from the parents, or whoever else she listed as Emergency contact person.

No sense looking for trouble week by week, by checking with forcewelfaredept. Just stay in touch with her parents and other close family members. Parents would be notified.

I presume her parents will let you know.


You’re not married. You’re a guy she used to boink, who didn’t want to seal the deal.

Bad news travels fast, you would be informed if you are listed as next of kin or contact

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