Thoughts: Are you born gay or do you chose it?

Which do you believe.

I believe you’re born nothing, and then as you mature and develop relationships with both genders, you go for the gender you have the certain feelings toward. Does that make sense? Basically, you’re not born with it, but you don’t choose it. It depends on how you grow up.

I believe people are just born that way. To the person who said you turn gay because your parents beat you? WTF stupid? My friend was beat almost to death by her parents and she’s not gay. It’s so rediculous to hear people say that being gay is a choice or they’re just doing it to get a rise out of people, yea all those gays getting bashed and called names are just doing it for fun *sarcasm*
It could have to do with the way you’re raised but only a tiny little bit. I’ve heard so many times that the parents would buy every &quot:boy&quot: toy there is but the boy wouldn’t even look at them and head straight to the Barbie doll. It’s the way you are born, there are gays in the world, they’ve been here for years, they’re always gonna be here and you can say whatever you want about how wrong it is and it’s a sin but it shouldn’t matter what you are, I bet there are some people who believe pedophiles are better people than homosexuals just because they love the same sex. Enough blabbering, my point is homosexuals don’t choose to be gay, they are just born that way and people need to accept that.

Born. Some people may &quot:choose&quot: if they want attention or something, and some people may have certain tendencies if they’ve been abused, but that’s not real homosexuality. True homosexuality is an in-bred trait. This is evidenced by the fact that other species do it: why choose something if it doesn’t immediately help carry on your own genetic traits?

So all this BS about &quot:you can choose to be straight&quot: is completely wrong. Even people who are &quot:reformed homosexuals&quot: are not reformed: they’re just back in the closet. Better to let yourself be open and free!

It’s both.

You are born with the disposition toward one sex or the other. But as you grow up you choose whether to live the lifestyle or basically live a lie. I knew when I was young that I was very strongly attracted to girls but because of the way I was raised, &quot:culture&quot: and all, I grew up thinking I was supposed to think and act differently. So I actually dated boys growing up thinking that’s &quot:normal&quot: even though that wasn’t what I wanted. Once I finally matured to where I wanted to live my own life instead of others’ definitions of my life, then I &quot:chose&quot: the lifestyle that was right for me.

Always debating with people about this. I think it may be both, but I can’t say for sure. I mean, a lot of gays are afraid of coming out and can’t control that they’re attracted to the same gender so obviously I don’t think they would have chosen it for themselves. But then again, they may have been influenced by friends or family growing up. Like if their uncle was gay or their best friend…But I definitely do not think that they just wake up one day and go &quot:Hmm, I think I wanna be gay.&quot:

I think of it like choosing friends. You could pretend to be someone you’re not to fit in and hang out with the popular kids. Or you could be yourself and hang out with people you’re happy with, but you’re not popular. Same goes for gays. They’re attracted to the same gender, but if they pretend they’re straight, they’ll fit in. If they admit they’re gay, then they might be happier being themselves, but people might not like them for being different.

I really don’t understand why people are so against gays. Everybody is different in their own way, and I think that it’s a good thing, otherwise the world would be really boring.

Who the hell would choose to be gay or bi if it was a choice? Nobody that I can think of especially knowing all the hatred and intolerance towards those two sexual genders. Obviously it’s embedded in the person’s dna so it means a person is born how they are in terms of sexual gender.

i’m straight so i’ll have to guess on this one…
i guess you’re born it because i know some people that are gay and don’t want to accept it but they aren’t attracted to the other sex so they are gay

Bisexual/gay is in the astrology influences, but dosent develop till after a period of time, but the influence is still there from birth, so i would say born .

I dont think you born that way and I dont think you choose to be that way either. I think that as you grow and develop relationships with sexes you begin to decide who’s company you enjoy in that way. As for me I like both men and women. There are just some things you can get from a woman that men can’t give you and vise versa.

It’s definitely not a choice – that I can guarantee you.
I don’t know if people are born gay or if it develops subconciously throughout childhood – but it is 100% not an active choice.

They choose the tough road and choose to pick gay because it’s funner that way

*heavy sarcasm*

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