Teens of R&P: How big of an influence do you think Guitar Hero/Rock Band has had on?

*your* musical choices/preferences?
What about other people at your school?
Are there some bands that you had never heard of before playing either game?
If so, what are they?

It pretty much introduced me to rock music, and was a very important factor in my decision to learn guitar.

I’m sure it probably influenced them in ways, too, but I couldn’t really say.

Pretty much all of them, to be honest. 5 or 6 years ago, I hardly listened to music at all. It was an odd time xD

Guitar hero 3 introduced me into classic rock and bands like Metallica and guitarists like Eric Johnson. I certainly am glad that I spent a hundred and fifty bucks on it. I don’t think I would have ever taken up the guitar without it and would still be a simple violinist, which itself is good but I love the guitar more.

I’m fairly sure that it started the whole Rock music revival and launched thousands of new bands from people who enjoyed the game. Since the start of this year the industry has certainly slumped, but I think the impact was huge and I couldn’t be more grateful for what it has done for me and thousands of others.

No one really plays it anymore but many moved on to greater things. Certainly a worthy phase for my generation unlike todays music industry and the vampire filth (other than True Blood as it’s my favourite show).

Oh i was also thinking Maybe Black Sabbath. Everyones answers are good. Definately agree with Led Zeppelin and Queen. They’d be really fun. I had Elvis in mind, but i don’t think many young people would want to buy it. Oh, i know who deserves their own game. The man who gave the term ‘guitar hero’ meaning.. Jimi Hendrix. How awesome would that game be? Maybe Deep Purple? Is highway star on any games already? I just want to try that one on expert x) Am i correct in thinking they’ve got a Van Halen version coming out? I’d buy that one. Eruption, psh, easy 🙂

1. I don’t have guitar hero or rock band, and I liked rock music waaay before I had heard of it (I guess my parents taste rubbed off on me :D) so none.
2. A little, but not that much. I know some people who have always liked that sort of music, and some people who have never liked it.
3. Yes, I played it once at my friends. I hadn’t heard of Paramore then 😛 I guess that makes me abnormal in the tenage world, but oh well 🙂

I know this is wrong but before Guitar Hero i used to see playing the guitar as a nerdy thing to do as a lot of nerds played it in my school. I used to listen to rnb, rap and club music. Then after being told by a few friends about guitar hero i decided to buy a copy and i loved it. It turned me on to a different genre of music i now listen tol a lot of rock and like bands like oasis, the beatles, nickleback, aerosmith, guns n roses etc. I also now think raps a load of shi* and i am currently laerning to play the guitar 🙂

Almost none at all honestly. I enjoy playing the games but I’ve never really started listening to any bands because of either of those games. Maybe it’s different for other people but not me.

None at all. I purchased Guitar Hero because the game featured a lot of my favorite artists and songs.

I don’t like those games. Too many people’s knowledge of music comes from them these days which is ridiculous. If i’m playing a song, and someone says, &quot:oh, they’re on Rock Band!&quot: I just want to slap them. If you like music, discover the bands the old fashioned way.

None because I already made my musical choice without guitar hero
They just like it

i play rock band 2 all the time, and honestly it has influenced me a lot with my music. I’ve been introduced to tons of new artists through the downloaded content. I’ve purchased many cd’s by bands that i never heard of before playing their songs on rock band. For example –

The Devil Wears Prada
Texas In July
Third Eye Blind
A Day To Remember
Breaking Benjamin
Mayday Parade
No Doubt
Papa Roach
Rage Against The Machine
Silversun Pickups
The Used
the first time i heard Avenged Sevenfold was that bad cover of Beast &amp: The Harlot on gh2 – my favourite band now

Those are bands that i never heard before playing and now i own most of their cds!
Also, it got me addicted to metalcore! Before that i had no interest in screaming vocals

ps you’re never too old to rock 🙂

It had none on me, because for one I have a real guitar and two all the bands on GH for the most part are crap (every band on it is mainstream) I hate coming to school and seeing kids who think they have a talent and are wizzes at guitar because they can chug on six frets. What they don’t realize is six strings, humb buckers, and 24 frets doesn’t equal six buttons and plucking device.

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