So,what YOU getting ME for my birthday today?

So,today,I turn another year older,and I am not just 2 years away from the big 3-0.

That aside,what are you giving me as a birthday present?

Again, Happy B-Day ^___^

For your B-Day Im going to bring the entire cast of Sailor Moon to life, and Im going to create a portal from the universe of sailor moon to our universe.

Yeah, my present seem unrealistic…..but its still my present for you.

Lol, see ya:)

You don’t need a present. You have the best gift of all. You are the best age you can be. You are old enough to have a bit of common sense and young enough to enjoy yourself. Have a great party tonight and let everyone celebrate 28 years of having you in the world!
Happy Birthday.

I’m giving you advice and its free enjoy this time in your life its one of the best periods of your life never give up and follow your dreams even when people make you question your decisions stay strong life has ups and downs and that’s normal , be rich in friends by being a good friend forgive yourself for things you have no control over and always know that your here for a reason and life is a gift don’t waste it!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY….YAY!!!….*throws confetti everywhere*

Many happy returns of the day. Have a good day and a great life. You are in the prime of youth. The party’s only just started.

I’ll give you any anime accessory you want and i’ll also throw a party for you. What say ?!? So, tell me what you want.

My best wishes are with you my friend. May you get whatever you desire. And thanks for letting us know.

Byeeeeeeeeeee …..n_n

definite happy birthday ! its my wifes birthday right this moment i’ve got been given her a sparkling hair dryer and a ipod shuffle plant lifestyles and a birtday cake what do you pick ? desire you get plenty you sound candy.

I don’t know you so well, but if you had invited me so I had shown up for the meeting on your birthday, I had gived you a kiss and I will gived you most beautiful gift ever. after that I’ll had asked you for a dance!

well, maybe i can escort you and abbie on your night out. Make a night of it and one to remember. Whatever you want to drink, it is on me hon. We could have a great time. After all, you 2 would need a good guard dog.

Happy Birthday
Here is a song for you
The Beatles

I’m giving you THIS!!!


yeah. a stuffed bear. Because!!!

Since you’re only two years away from being an official adult/oldie [XD], I give you this bear to always remind you that we shopuld still have that little child inside us. Don’t kill her!!!:D

Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!!:D

To first answerer: It’s Chippendale’s

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