so im basically a forced slave in a foreign country?

im a u.s. citizen and i came to iceland to work (a friend got me the job) he said that the employer would take care of the work visa once i got here….. well, i worked for 6 months, got paid and went back to the states. im pretty sure i was working illegally. i decided that i wanted to try to live in iceland so this employer said she would help me out, and help me file for permission to stay. so i came back and have been working for her again. she tells me that she is taking care of everything but i dont think she is because i havent seen any proof. she has been sending me back to the states to renew my visa, and i just found out that she bought me a ticket to go to new york in april when i have to renew my visa again (its just a tourist visa) but i dont want to go to new york! so since i dont have a work visa i cant work for anyone else but her, but the thing is, she wont pay me. i opened a bank account with my own money that i had when i came, but she said it would look suspicious if she was putting money into it on a regular basis. she basically has me work whenever she needs me, but she wont give me money, and i cant look for work else where. and now i have a boyfriend and he is trying to help me find a way to stay here and permission to work (we are even talking about getting married but i dont want to get married for this reason unless there is no other way) im afraid that if i piss this lady off she wont ever pay me and might have me kicked out of the country. but im afraid if i dont do anything i will work for her for free for the rest of my life. i dont know what to do! i love iceland and i want to live here, but im sick of being a slave! im a tattoo artist and a damn good one, and i thought i would be working in this hotel for a couple months till i got on my feet, but the way its going now…..what do i do? suggestions anyone please??!!

yea tell her to give u cash…no bank account needed if she doesnt do that leave…and threaten her with inslavery make it look as legit as possible gte paperwork etc,… present her with that if tht dont work just move the **** on

Your goose is already cooked – probably burned to a crisp. Get out of Iceland. You have been violating their visa regulations and immigration laws for how long? And you think you won’t get caught departing &amp: coming back yet again on another tourist visa? This was bad news from the start and you did not wise up fast enough. You NEVER can legally work on a tourist visa anywhere, so you knew you had a problem right from the very start.

Get out of there or you face possible jail time, deportation, etc, and will not be able to go anywhere ever. Once you have any prison record, record of visa and/or immigration violations, or a deport on your record, you are pretty much confined to your country of citizenship for the rest of your life. Nobody wants an immigration-law violator.

i wouldn’t call it &quot:slavery&quot:… but yes, if you speak of knowledge that can very well be imparted within the country to better the country itself, rather than give the expertise abroad for a cheaper rate, that may make sense. it is also true that when working abroad, life is more difficult than it is back home in india for the same amount of money – namely, you don’t get the luxuries of maid servants, etc unless you’re in the very elite class. life’s hard – you work, come back and feed yourself, clean your place yourself, etc etc. whereas within india you’d have someone doing all that for you with the money earnt. so i guess value for money may be an issue. but then again, you have most of IBM, Microsoft and all the top companies in the world filled with Indians – and in management positions – so you don’t necessarily lose out. it’s all about luck! i would say that if the same expertise learnt was spent in making our own indian IT/technology firms, we may well have become a far more advanced nation (not like we’re not progressing at an amazing rate now). but yes, SLAVERY applies to all those who ILLEGALLY immigrate – they run after dreams of gold.. and end up being cab drivers, toilet cleaners, waiters, newspaper vendors, etc… jobs that they’d never be taking up at home, coz they’d be considered &quot:too below&quot: the standards… THAT is when we’re missing out on all those people who could have done so much better in our homeland without running after an oasis

How old are you? You are an American citizen and she treats you as you came from somewhere in a third world?

You have to stand on your feet and defend yourself because no-one there for you!

Good luck to you!

Dear. You have no searious problem.You may immediatly contact Govt Ragisterd immigration agents and ask for your problem he can help and gide you real what to do.

You should report your situation to the US embassy so that they may help out &amp: see if the immigration rules allow you to stay.

No, you’re not a forced slave in a foreign country, you silly goose! You were just scammed.

Sue her and leave and find a way to be there legally.

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