should i buy smart car?

okey I am confusing if I should buy smart car after seeing a strange in price on craiglist.org.
a lot of 2009 smart car on craiglist have very low mileage (like 10K or even 5K) with a price less then 5000 dollars compared to a new 2010 smart car (of course, just about 50 miles). I wonder how it could be? Even when people lost job or they have no more interest in this car they wouldn’t get rid of it aroung 5000 after purchasing it, right?
I don’t mind about safety of this car so please don’t put down this problem. But about the value in the future. After around 80K of mileage, can this car still be able to resell for at least 6000?

A 2009 Smart car with 10K miles for under $5,000 is either salvaged or a scam.
Craigslist is famous for spammers/scammers and if it sounds too good to be true, it always is.

There is big wording at the top of the page that says &quot:OFFERS TO SHIP VEHICLES ARE 100% FRAUDULENT&quot:.
Always remember this.

Ok people A. She said that the car was 5k of msrp not 5k total. So that puts it around 10k B. The smart fortwo has the highest mpg of any car in this country that is not a hybrid. I’d believe it, I bought my fortwo 3 months ago. Its a 2009 that was a demo model, it was never titled so its technically new and I paid less than 10k for it so yes it is possible this is legit, especially as dealers move out inventory. As far as some of the other posters ignorant comments if you haven’t driven one shut up. The transmission is an automated manual, so driven improperly it is a bit jerky, but the learning curve is small and is very easy to drive, as far as premium gas, yes its a must, but it increases gas mileage by 3 mpg over a non premium petrol version engine making it cheaper to use premium. On the topic of expensive to repair, every panel on the smart is replacable, no mending or painting, so if you get in a wreck you can replace the entire front end body for under 1k. you also save money as oil changes are only every 10,000 miles. And as you said you know they are not unsafe, thankfully you are not as ignorant as some other posters. It does have a few little quirks, its not a speed demon, its not meant to be, but if your someone who actually enjoys driving and not just getting from a to b in a toyota then I think you should really think about it. I will say that I traded from a Volvo that was over 45,000 new and the seats in my smart are more comfy. I love mine, and i’ve never met another owner who didnt love theirs.

Exactly! The answerer above me hit the nail on the head with everything he said! I laugh out loud every time I see one of those pieces of crap roll by on the street. Those things are nothing but glorified golf carts.

If’ you want a small car, buy a Ford Focus. They get just as good gas mileage as those Smart cars, and they hold their value. Oh, and they’re much safer and can carry more than one passenger. Smart cars have no back seat.

No, the cars are small, unsafe and the MPGs aren’t all that impressive. They are also rated as the highest loss of value/yr. Being an import, it will also cost alot to run and be prone to issues with the mechanics, lots of $ to fix. After 80k miles, you’ll be lucky toget a few hundred $s. Get something more stable, maybe a new Volt? IDK if green is a must for you?

No. It’s a terrible car. Just read some of the many reviews about it. Jerky transmission, slow acceleration, lousy ride, noisy, and considering it needs premium fuel it’s not particularly economical to drive. Now that the novelty has worn off dealers almost can’t give Smart cars away and neither can owners trying to get rid of them.

Short answer.

A smart car depreciates rapidly. You will not get your money back at all.

the main reason for this is because it is an expensive car to run and maintain, and also alot of people who come to buy them have safety concerns, so there isn’t a huge market for them.

The price you quoted is good, but you will just have to make sure it dosnt need any work doing to it as it soon gets expensive.

Hope this helps.

the smart car is safer then i big car just watch the crash videos

wait around for a while you might get a good deal, i got a bargain for a boat on craigslist for $40!

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