Poll: What do you like the most? Harry Potter or Twilight? Books, movies, anything!?

I haven’t read Twilight, so should I? I HAVE read Harry Potter, of course! All seven and more that fifty time each. But some say that Twilight is better! I hate when they do. So, I just needed to know whether it’s really that good. However, Harry Potter’s the BEST I’VE EVER READ!!! And mind you, I’ve read loads of books, so, it means something!

So, what’s best for YOU? And should I read Twilight?

Yes, you should. I like Twilight and I LOVE Harry Potter. But the thing is, you can’t really compare those two. Read, however, why not?

For me, Harry Potter is the best book ever. I read the 6th book in october, and the next week my school hosted a book fair. I bought the book Twilight. I read a few chapters that night, so I got the idea of how the writing was. I was constantly comparing it to the Harry Potter book. The next day, I returned Twilight to the book fair and started reading the 7th Harry Potter book.

I’m basically saying you should read Twilight, but don’t get sucked in because all of your friends like it. Just remember, Harry Potter is the much better book. I just don’t think that you’ll like it much. At least then you can give your real opinion to your friends! Just don’t get sucked into the TWILIGHT MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve read the Twilight books. Love them. Never read the Harry Potter ones. Heard they are real good. Definitely prefer the Harry Potter movies over sucky Twilight. 😛

i so agree. twilight is a shallow love tale with vulnerable characters harry potter has an rather plot. and the characters are lots extra suitable. i for my section think of that maximum people who like twilight extra suitable are: a million) 10 yer previous ladies or 2) no longer able to hold close the slightly extra complicated harry potter plots, so they persist with the lots extra uncomplicated twilight

Still love Harry Potter 🙂

Definately Harry Potter – its much more creative.

Read twilight so you can get your own opinion. Mine however is that its all a load of crap!

I’ve never read either and have no interest in doing so. I prefer more of an adult read, with sex and violence ala Clive Barker’s Books of Blood.

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