Poll: Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

pro life or pro choice?
&amp: why?

Pro-Choice….because I do have a family member who was sexually violated. 🙁

Pro Choice

Pro-life (unless the birth would risk the life of the mother and/or the baby).

Whenever you believe life begins, the baby (or future baby) is entitled to a life, even if it isn’t the best one.

Pro Choice. The government has no right to choose what the woman does. It is the woman’s decision of whether to keep the fetus alive or to cut it off.

If the egg wasn’t fertilized, I would be for it. That’s why we eat eggs.

But we’re talking about fertilized eggs here.

If abortion didn’t kill the fetus, I would be pro-choice.

But abortion does kill the fetus, so I am against it unless if it is absolutely necessary

honestly i’m neither..

i’m against abortion in most cases.. (there are cases in which the mother will die if the baby is not aborted due to complications..) which is more pro-life..

but i’m all for stem cell research.. which is more pro-choice seeing as most pro-lifers believe this too is murder.. but i’m not going to go into how the majority of those embyros are flushed down a sink in clinics..

oh well.. i don’t need a label to know what i believe i guess..

pro choice.. i have a little girl and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me and i cant imagine life if i had an abortion but i still dont think it is right or anyones place to tell someone they have to do something….

Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. The time to choose is before conception. Abortion is murder.

pro choice. no one has the right to impose their beliefs on others. for myself, i could never live with having an abortion,and i hope that other women feel the same, but it is their decision. a foetus is a foetus the first four months of pregnancy.


I’m a man&gt:I will never have to make that choice with my body&gt:I will never be impregnated by a stranger or family member.I will never have to try and raise a child without a partner and no money.

I have no say.

I respect the decision of the mother no matter what. I’m sure she has a reason for the decision she makes. It’s horrible to know that someone killed someone, especially their own child, but don’t make it so hard on the mother. I’m sure she feels even worse.

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