Jeep Grand Cherokee occasionally overheating?

About a month ago I brought my 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee in to have the oil changed, filters changed, and fluids filled up. After that was finished I got on the highway to head back to Louisiana. I hit some standstill traffic on I-10 and after about 15 minutes my dashboard dinged and I looked down to see the temperature gauge was all the way in the red. Once I made it through the traffic and started driving, the temperature went down.

I’m assuming this means my fan isn’t coming on when I’m stopped. Is there a chance this could’ve happened when they were changing oil/working under hood? I’d hate to think they would purposely mess something up under my hood but I find it strange this didn’t happen until right after a mechanic was fooling around under there.

I haven’t brought it into the shop yet since most of the time it doesn’t overheat but occasionally when I get stuck in traffic it will run hot. Any suggestions? Any idea what could be wrong? Is it something I need to get fixed immediately?

Check and or replace your thermostat, Not really hard and cheap. You could start there.

This could be a number of things. There are a few simple and inexpensive places to start. As one member suggested, the thermostat could be sticking. They’re cheap and not labor intensive, so it’s not a bad idea to swap it with a new one and see what happens. Checking the fan relays and motors would probably be the next step. Relays are cheap, easy to change, and most people overlook them, so they’re often misdiagnosed.

It is possible that the tech accidently unplugged the electric fan on your engine, but you should have returned immediately, now they will question why you drove the car so long before asking for their help in case it was simple mistake. But try anyway, maybe the fan is still good.



By the sounds of your question it should be air in the system, bad rad cap, or plugged catalytic converter, dirty air filter, or fan not working. That`s all I hope!

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