Is the God of Judaism, Christianity and Islam the same god?

And if not what are the differences? Lets just assume there is a god and consider scripture as literature if you’re an atheist, in order to compare and contrast.

yup, all the same One. There’s only One known by different names…same One, no need to compare or contrast. They’re all the same One no matter how you look at it.

God created Judaism
Christianity is the fulfillment of Judaism
Islam is a false distortion of both religions.

Judaism and Christianity has the same stories from the old testament. Where as Islam has different things happening in the old/new testament like if someone just kept editing stuff.

Three religions now stand in the world which have come down to us from time prehistoric–Hinduism, Zoroastrianism and Judaism. They have all received tremendous shocks and all of them prove by their survival their internal strength. But while Judaism failed to absorb Christianity and was driven out of its place of birth by its all-conquering daughter, and a handful of Parsees is all that remains to tell the tale of their grand religion, sect after sect arose in India and seemed to shake the religion of the Vedas to its very foundations, but like the waters of the seashore in a tremendous earthquake it receded only for a while, only to return in an all-absorbing flood, a thousand times more vigorous, and when the tumult of the rush was over, these sects were all sucked in, absorbed, and assimilated into the immense body of the mother faith.

From the high spiritual flights of the Vedanta philosophy, of which the latest discoveries of science seem like echoes, to the low ideas of idolatry with its multifarious mythology, the agnosticism of the Buddhists, and the atheism of the Jains, each and all have a place in the Hindu’s religion. Where then, the question arises, where is the common center to which all these widely diverging radii converge? Where is the common basis upon which all these seemingly hopeless contradictions rest? And this is the question I shall attempt to answer.

[The subsequent part of the paper takes up aspects of what Swamiji calls &quot:the common basis&quot: of Hinduism and describes them briefly. The topics covered include: the Vedas, creation, the true &quot:Self&quot:, karma and reincarnation, image worship, the cause of bondage, the way to freedom, the unity of all existence, the harmony of religions, and the ideal of a universal religion.–ed.]

The God of Judaism and Christianity is the same. Christianity followed Judaism. Allah, God of Muslims I believe is different thought i’m not 100% sure.
Muslims believe that the only other prophet besides Muhammad would be the 2nd coming of Jesus.

I know what they all have in common: neither of them has proven anything and they’ve had thousands of years to do it! Also, they are divisive and tools of war. 🙂

Judaism – Jews believe one creator is the absolute ruler, watches over us 24/7 n vanquishes evil, they don’t require a savior because God talks to them, Torah revealed to them by Moses, they believe they are Gods chosen people and a Messiah will take them back to Isreal and bring back the dead. Fun times!

Christianity – A sect of Judaism, Jesus son of a virgin mother bothered by what the Jewish faith began preaching and teaching his own nonsense, said he was son of God therefore they crucified him, Jesus rose from the dead (sounds like the messiah and Judaisms, right?) and told disciple to spread his message, Christians believed in the original sin concept.

Islam – Founded by Muhammed the prophet, Muslims don’t see it as a new religion but rather the same faith taught by Jesus, Moses, David, etc., Muhammed came to fix the errors, believe there’s Allah is one true God, they have 5 pillars of Islam, 2 sacred texts of Islam known as

im an atheist, and im not shi.tting you when i say that the jews, the christians and the muslims all worship the same god but in different ways, infact, the word &quot:allah&quot: is basically just the direct arabic translation of the word &quot:god&quot:. All three are even cartagorised as Abrahamic religions. It just makes me laugh when i hear someone from oneп»ї of those three religions try and disprove the existence of the others god. XD

Yes and no.
Judaism believes their God is going to reward them for being jews and they get their salvation from following Talmud(man made rules based on torah) precisely.
Christianity believes their God changed his mind or made a mistake about the people he chose and that they get a golden ticket into &quot:heaven&quot: if only that say a simple prayer.
Not completely sure about Islam though I’m pretty sure they believe their god wants to reward them for every convert they make and if they die for him they get virgins and paridise.
The orginial &quot:Jews&quot: or Hebrews believe their God has had a plan since the beginning of creation and his plan is still in effect. Follow his instruction(torah), add nothing to it, take nothing away from it, balance it with faith and love in him and when the last part of his plan comes you will get to be with him again.
Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all distorted versions of the original God made to suit the needs of people over time who want to do it their own way.

God is the same yesterday today and forever .Only different is the way men think that God is. God is love not evil, men take it a pond them selves to think that God will save them if they strap a boom on them selves and kill people. This is the work of the Devil, who deceives people into thinking that God will save them for killing innocent people. This is what people do not learn thou shell not kill. For anyone to take innocent blood . (Meaning a life of a person who did no wrong.) will suffer the pains of hell for all eternity, no end to there torment. so there are many religions that are false those that kill are not of God but of the Devil. Remember that,

Yep, their all forms of EL a Canaanite god of the mountains. Neither of them are Yahweh of the ancient Hebrews, and that false Judaism is not what Moses followed. Moses worshiped Yahweh not some Canaanite demon named EL Shaddai.

Basically, yes

They pretty much agree with each other about god.
Both christians and Jews use the old testament, and Islam says that Jesus was a prophet or something.
Though its shaky because they all describe him differently and hes fictional.

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