Is it just me or is it totally gross to let a dog lick you in the mouth?

Just wondering cause my boyfriend is always making out with the dog on the couch and it’s really grossing me out these days…making a gagging noise spitting out dog hair!!

nasty, imagine where that dogs tongue has been! 🙂

So very gross, especially since they lick their butts, eat dead birds, and pick up cat leavings every chance they get…I’m getting ill just thinking about it…

I do love my doggies, but don’t feel the need to swap spit with them!

Definitely gross, especially since dogs lick their own nuts. So in other words, he’s been licking his dogs nuts indirectly, which means you have too! Dump him!

sick, the dog licks his butt, and nuts, i would not kiss the dude if i was you, ya might end up with ring worm of the mouth ewwww that’s gross , just disgusting as hell

um yeah it really gross to let a dog lick yor inside of your mouth…
um is there something mentaly wrong with you boyfriend?

Ugh, that’s disgusting. I don’t like it when my dog licks me period, but people who do it in the mouth are gross.

Gross and Disgusting!!

Maybe he likes that &quot:special taste&quot: only a dog can give him!***choke-cough_ughhhh***

They say a dogs mouth is the cleanest around.By the way do you let the dog kiss you as well?

it’s TOTALLY gross!

and get a new boyfriend, this one sounds sick

Yes it is, especially if it’s a male dog, we all know what they do!!

it’s not just you that is really gross

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