i’m really into true ghost/haunting movies n i was wondering whats ur all time movie n why?

Mothman was really psycotic, i loved the movie, but i had to sleep with the light on for 2 weeks, what made it so good was yhat the movie was based on a true story

The Exorcist. Rent the original one, the one that came out first. No prequel or sequel just the first one is really good, you’re gonna like it if you into ghosts and spirits thing. Let me know what you think!

Amityville horror. I went to the house where that supposedly took place and I couldn’t sleep for weeks. We got our pictures taken in front of the house and we all showed up in the pictures but the house wasn’t in them and we had our backs up against the house.

I would have to say &quot:The Entity&quot: the reason is that it is based on a true story and also the violence that the spirit can use.

Ghostbusters :).

If you are talking of scary movies, my favorite is The Others

Ghostbusters— it got the whole paranormal in the mainstream– 😀

okay i’m into horror big but what scared me sh***** was the exorcism of emily rose because that sh** is real

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