If Tea Party folks are not Republicans, then why are they seeking nominations to run as Republicans?

Because the two parties are the ones with the money and power to truly make a difference.

The tea party for the most part, represents the traditional Republican constituency.

The way it works in a democracy, is the voters tell the party who to nominate, instead of the party telling their constituents who they can vote for.

Over the years, the Republican leadership has kind of lost this point, and as a result, they no longer lead those who they purport to represent. They are still Republicans, they are just late in recognizing the paradigm shift.

Because at the moment independents do not have much of a chance most places, and the Republican party, at least supposedly, most closely matches the Tea Party stance of smaller government and controled spending.

Democrats have never been known for fiscal responsibility.

BTW most Tea Partiers at this point in time could care less about Social issues, because social issues are not going to bankrupt the country.

You think these people are joking?

You people need to pull your heads out of the sand. The Tea Party are constitutional conservatives. Which party comes closest to that? Not the dems. Wake up and look at Delaware. GOP incumbents who by their performance have leaned moderate or liberal are just as much of getting nuked as the dems.

Now when you see 300,000 people from all over the country show up at Tea Party events – it starts to make sense doesn’t it? You libs made a huge mistake in thinking they are an obscure group of racist activists from the south. Wooooo how little do you know.

You can thumb it all down today, but on 11/3 when you see who will be packing their bags in Jan 1st, you’ll come back with a new avatar pic and name acting like you never knew anything……which makes you what?

Because they are republicans, they just changed the name to distance themselves from Dubya and the current bunch of connies in congress. They walk republican, they talk republican, they are republican. Besides the Nazi Party already used the Master Race schtick.

Because the majority are Republicans or former Republicans. But there are also Blue Dog Democrats, Libertarians and other independents as well.

The TEA Party is Conservative. Party doesn’t matter.

Do they really have a choice? Third party candidates almost never win, and their beliefs are closer to those of Republicans, not Democrats.

Your point is taken.

Anyone who says they are NOT Republicans are either lying or are delusional.

*I MISS HIM NOW: how is this frightening people? He asked a valid question… I am okay with the existence of the Tea Party (I think its ridiculous but okay they can exist… no skin off my back) but they are truly Republicans or have almost overwhelmingly voted Republican in previous elections AND they are running as Republicans. That’s a fact.
You can’t argue against that very established point… and I saw that you couldn’t make a argument.

The Republicans are supposed to be conservative and believe in Freedom,Liberty,Small Government which they have not been in any sense of the word. The Republicrats are doomed. The New Republicans will stick to true Republican Ideals or they too will be shown the door!

In a two party system you have to make a choice. Third party candidates have a very difficult time winning anything unless they have really big name recognition.

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