if obama wins things will change? ?

so if obama wins he wants to screw over the businessman .

his tax cut sounds good , but we see if it happens still has to pass.

his heath care plan sounds good.

i don’t know but chang is good for every one. if you don’t change you get the same results.

so what will obama do to change things. i hope he does a lot.

Change will happen. For the better I think.

Think about when you were learning history in school. You thought it was boring and pointless….but as another person mentioned, if you keep on doing the same thing again then nothing will change. Change is good. That’s why we are taught our country’s history so we won’t make the same mistakes as our forefathers did.

And again if you keep making the same mistake over and over again, it’s not a mistake anymore, it’s stupidity.

Oh yea, honestly, do you think that someone who would be called a &quot:terrorist&quot: would be allowed to walk the streets or even be considered my the government to run the country?…terrorists, communism, Hitler, and whatever else people use to slander Obama’s name. Be real with yourselves and actually think! Use that thing that’s in that thing that’s on your shoulders.

There are people out there that know increase in tarifs increase the cost of clothes and food and any other goods coming or going out of this country so midddle class America will take the brunt of that mistake cost will go up. Increasing capital gains will effect every working person who has a 401K Obama will more then double that tax hurting the stock market. Increasing Big business tax will throw a big wrench into our economy big business are all ready laying people off due to the economy. Big business will be tempted to leave this nation for better tax cuts in foriegn countries they pay the largest taxes in the world all ready again more jobs lost. Obama thought by having Buffet on his side would help Buffett invested 500 million dollars in the market to show people everything is fundamentaly sound in the market the next day Buffett lost his money. People are not stupid and I am speaking about Republicans and Independents they know where Obama’s economy will lead us and that is to the poor house. McCain is right we need to put a cap on these foreclosures and lower the principle and interest rate so people can keep there homes and Banks can be paid off then the banks will start lending again and the housing market will grow again. Europe and Canada are all ready speaking of not trading with us if Obama is elected because again he wants to throw a wrench into the Free Trade agreement. Does Obama get it that this is not only America’s problem but a universal problem as well. This man is the most dangerous person that has ever ran for president.

He will not change things in the direction promised because he’s a conciliator and an abdicator. He has no spine, does not actually do what he says and votes and acts one way while saying the exact opposite. the Grand Acquiescent Obama.

The Democratic party has been completely railroaded by a fraud but this fraud was bought and paid for by Big Corporate Interests. They know that average Americans will never suspect that Obama, the smiling black man, is actually screwing them over while saying he’s helping them.

Obama is not a representative of the little guy. He’s just making pleasing SOUNDS for liberals who think he is.

Actually, we will se a major continuation of the third term of George Bush.

Bush has supported the Tax and Spend concept for 8 years without doing anything to stabilize or regulate the financial markets. Remember he also gave Tax cuts. And look at the Economy now…. self explanitory it seems.

Bush also has supported the biggest growth of government since FDR. Obamas plan will surpass that.

Bush sent troops into Afghanistan and Iraq, and the Democrats hammered him for it badly. Now Obama says he is going to with draw the troops by 2010 (Bushes time table established befor the first shot wat fired). And they are planing to send our troops into Dar Fur and other hot spots in that area to break up a civil war, which is what Bush did in Iraq. The big difference, is the Dar Fur area is intense tropical and, heavy jungle growth. It will be a nightmare worse than Viet Nam or Korea because of that factor.

perhaps we should be talking about the Bush/Obama legacy.

Yeah things are going to change. The more I hear and learn about 0bama the more the term Sleeper comes to mind. He fits the profile perfectly. Anybody planing to vote for 0bama needs to give some serious thought to this. If you think people weren’t &quot:planted&quot: here, you are crazy.

Don’t let America Down!

Show your PRIDE in AMERICA!

Vote for

McCain/Palin ’08


they will change in ways that you aren’t going to like. every word from his mouth is a lie and he will NEVER be able to collect enough taxes to pay for his 3 trillion dollars in promises including the 800 billion going to the UN and africa.

a vote for obama is a vote for repression and destruction.

he will change America into a bloody battle ground so his first try will be our guns , wont happen. There will be millions dead and one of the targets is the voters rgestration records so the troops will know who voted for him to remove these people to a &quot:safe&quot: place to protect them

Obama will weaken our defenses, which will create an international crisis (Joe Biden’s words). Why would you want to weaken our country when we are so great, and have managed to keep ourselves free and keep our liberty? The only change he will bring is to make our country a lesser power. Why would you want that?

Vote McCain/ Palin ’08!!!

I too was impressed by the gifted speaker, Obama. He can mesmorise a crowd, excite and inspire with his brilliantly written speeches about change… but then I looked deeper and did not agree with his socialist values, his shady associations, his economic plans… change for the sake of change is not good, and I do not want Obama’s kind of change. I chose McCain. And that IS a vote for change, but the kind of change that Ronald Reagan brought to America!

If you are like me, and most Americans, you want change. Obama has banked on this desire. But what kind of change do we need? It is a sad commentary when many people are so eager for change that they do not care what kind of change. They do not even ask what kind of change Obama will bring! What if that is a change to communism, socialism, terrorism, Muslim sheria law… hey, that is change isn’t it! But obviously, it is not GOOD change.

I want change, but for the better! Change back to a time when society stood on a strong foundation of family values, when America was the shining light of the world and not ashamed of it, a time when we were not afraid to speak the truth for fear of being politically incorrect. McCain has more in common with Ronald Reagan than he has with Bush. I believe that McCain-Palin will be a step in the RIGHT direction of change.

I do not want to live in a socialistic society that penalized the hardworking citizens in order to give more handouts to the slackers (&quot:redistribution of wealth&quot: as Obama calls it, which is socialist economics — a system that was proven to fail by Marx, Lenin, Stalin…). McCain-Palin (much like Ronald Reagan) talk about the American dream, that anyone willing to work can build a life for themselves and their families.

Obama speaks at Planned Parenthood in support of their abortion policies. Personally, I am pro-life. I believe that every baby has the right to life. Why should we put people in jail who commit murder, but give the OK to a pregnant woman to end the life of an innocent child? Even those who are pro-choice, who believe that women should have the right to make their own decisions about such things, should acknowledge that decisions should always be made after all information is considered. Planned Parenthood is not just pro-choice, they are anti-life. They do not want a woman to have information about options such as adoption, or all of the facts about the emotional and medical risks of abortion. I cannot support a candidate who agrees with Planned Parenthood and wants my tax money to support it.

A tree with shallow roots is easily blown by the slightest storm, whereas a tree with roots that go deep into good ground will stand. America will stand with McCain-Palin. I want to live in the world that Ronald Reagan envisioned. America the strong, the proud, the moral, the just, where opportunity abounds for anyone willing to work for the American dream. I will not support someone who talks out of both sides of his mouth in order to appeal to whatever group that is listening, someone who aligns himself with terrorist and radicals but then claims ignorance. We need to trust our leaders. McCain has served our country and proven that he is a man we can trust.

A house divided against itself will fall. Obama will increase the divide. McCain wants to unite both parties with his cabinet so that is the best choice for unity. And now more than ever, with all that we face in our world today, American needs unity!

Well this is so true even though it is funny, deep down we know it isn’t. You will enjoy it!
A Glimpe of Obama’s Presidency – Utopia LMAO!!

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