I need to talk to a real psychic/ spiritual advisor for free. can someone help. also about indigo children. r?

If you want my help then you’re going to have to refrain from intentionally making what you write more difficult to read. And while I may consider helping you without charging a monetary fee, I would expect you to do something in return, equal time as it were.

It definitely hasn’t be even on the fringe of shown. And that 1999 &quot:prediction&quot: wasn’t that great by using fact the international commerce middle has already been attacked via terrorists 6 years earlier that. additionally, JFK Junior flew various planes, so the opportunities have been extraordinarily sturdy. some coincidences do no longer instruct psychics, in the different case each psychic might win the lotto a minimum of as quickly as. the subsequent time the police help me out, I beneficial wish they use police paintings and not a psychic….and that i’m beneficial you will do this comparable.

What do you need to know about indigo children? I know some about them.

If there were any real ones, they would have contacted you before you posted this.

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