i need christmas gift ideas… 10 pts for best answers!!!?

i need some ideas on what to get my boyfriend for christmas, he is 34 and we have been together for 17 months. what are some great ideas that he might like. already got him a watch last christmas, he likes penn st. the steelers and has a play station 2. also he has 2 children, a 5 yr old boy and a 2 yr old girl….. what should i get them, what toys are hot for thier ages? also need gift ideas for my dad

Maybe get an autograph of his favorite player or maybe a gift card for some games for his PS2.

The 2 year old get her something Disney Princess. Maybe a Tinkerbell or Princess plastic tea set….make sure it’s pink.

The 5 year old boy what about a toy firetruck, the kind that makes noises.

Your dad…Gift card to a sporting good store….Not sure what to get him since there are no details about him

Ok, I can tell you what is good for the kids….for the boy(my son is 6) action figures are good(ask him what he likes ie: spiderman or superman or star wars or the hulk) does he like trains? Lego’s are also good most boy like them by 5. And the little girl…(I have 2) my little ponies or baby doll’s and baby doll stuff is usually a hit, look on the box of whatever you get and make sure it says 3 and under because of the tiny things that come with a lot of toys. There is several my little pony and strawberry short cake stuff that is safe for that age. Also Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Street stuff is good too.
For your boyfriend that depend on his tastes mostly. Since you have known him so long I would trust your instincts!

Hope that helps at least a little
Good luck.

For your boy friend I think things for the bed room would be a great idea 5 year old boy my brother is 5 and he loves everything bob the builder so ask about that
I am not sure but you might want to try something like a dress or dolls all kids love paint any thing that mum and dad would hate
for dad I don’t no him but may be chocs, pens not sure

you could get your boyfriend an ipod,
2 yrs old is pretty young so maybe just clothes for the girl and spiderman or batman toy for the boy.

You should get him
Play Station 3[My uncle is 35 and he wants it really bad lol.]
A Watch
A Football Jersey

You should get his children the Wii,its lots of fun.My cousins are 7 and they love it.I’m 12 and I love it too.So does my 3 year old sister.

I hope I helped.

get him a PS3(w/ a Steelers skin and controller) so him and his kids can play and for your father maybe something that he has had an eye on for a long time.

get every single one of them a hackey sack ! i got one last year, I`m 30 and i love it. if you are getting your dad one then its a bonus cos you`ll know what to get him for his next birthday – a hip replacement !! lol

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