i have never felt like such a failure ever, and I want to pull myself together :(?

I’m 20, I’ve been sick the past few years quite badly actually. we moved to another city last year, so I haven’t had any friends nearby to go to or confide in and I’ve barely had enough energy to function at university let alone keep up a social life. I’m so lonely I feel like I’m falling out of touch and it’s scaring me. my parents have their own issues, and my mom can drive me crazy sometimes, sometimes has angry fits where she takes out her stress on me by yelling at me till I feel like less than a human being.. then 20 minutes later pretending it never happened. like a jekyll/hyde! sometimes she:s the nicest person ever, other times, she totally tears me down. i know it’s caused me to be majorly insecure about myself..

we are just about to enter the last week of classes at university. this is my first year, even though it should be my second – i had to drop last year because I was sick. I’ve only been to a very few of the lectures, I’ve been sick a lot and exhausted most of the time/barely sleeping. I am desperately trying to catch up but I have to talk to my profs. it’ll take a superhuman effort to save even 3 of my classes. i am f*cked, essentially

my parents don’t know that I’ve missed so many classes.
It may be too late to drop for even health purposes??
no matter what happens, I’ve wasted 2 important years of life..
i feel really really low right now and lonely.. this post only scrapes the surface.. help? 🙁

awww you are still so young!!!
girl you have a looong way to go and if u didnt use wisely two years is ot the end of the world..
in fact it doesnt really make a difference..
its gonna take you longer but you can still do so much of your life.
i know sometimes being lonely is hard..
i just moved too. but try to think positively even if you dont see the light just yet!
youll see it if you really try!

wish u luck!
and hope u get better…
give urself the chance to be happy!…

The first thing to do is get better so you don’t miss anymore years. Believe me there are better years to come.

About your mom she’s probably stressed out. She has to worry about the health insurance and paying the bills. Talk it out. If you play this right she could be a good friend to you down the line. I’d try to make it as easy as possible on her while you’re at home.

Classes are important but your health is more important. If you can’t handle the load right now take a lighter load next semester. The classes will always be there. This is coming from someone who took 7 years to graduate and is not a Doctor.

If you are at a college, you should be able to go to a mental health counselor. It’s possible that both you and your mom have some sort of chemical imbalance and a prescription might help you get on an even keel while you sort things out.

You are not screwed. It’s just school and you are only 20. You can always take time off and go back.

Seriously, try to get some meds to get you past this low point so you can function. Right now you’re in a place where you can’t possibly make a good decision.

Hello, university student. Your mom is beating up on you, you don’t need to give her a hand in that department.

You’ve been sick. Do you beat yourself up if you have a cold and don’t do everything on your to-do list that day? Do you sit in your backyard and eat worms if you spend that day (or the next or even the next after that) because you are recuperating and doing what you can?

Getting a higher education isn’t going to help you any anyway if you don’t start absorbing some of the more obvious lessons: move at the speed of your own life. If you like jogging, but you break your leg, you don’t beat yourself up and tell yourself what a failure and lousy jogger you are because you have to change the way you get around. College is all about finding the ‘adult’ way of accomplishing goals. That doesn’t mean you treat this episode as simply an extended version of high school. And if you think you ‘wasted’ 2 important years of your life, why the heck are you in college in the first place?

If your circumstances have changed, work around them. So what if it should be your second (or even your fourth) year? College is about choosing to be there, and therefore making the choice to see it through. If that requires talking to the professors, that’s what it takes. If it takes you going 7 years to get your degree, so be it. It’s been 10 years since i first enrolled in college (at 27) and I am still 4 classes short of getting my degree. Am I sitting here thinking I am a failure because I don’t have my degree by now, no. Kicking myself isn’t going to help me accomplish my goal, which I am still struggling with.

Being an adult means learning to deal with the life you get, not the life you want. Deal with what your life is giving you right now. If that means fewer classes next spring, that’s what it takes. If it means taking a semester (or more) off to get your head screwed on straight, that’s what it takes. And if that means giving your mom a quarter when she starts falling apart, and telling her to call someone who cares to listen to her pi$$ and moan, that’s also what it takes.

This is college, this is where you start learning to live your life. So live the life you have, and stop trying to live the life you think you should have.

It sounds like you are too stressed to study and maybe very depressed .There is more to the story if you are depressed. If you get a breakdown you can not write tests either for some time. If you still can be depression free keep your studies up . You made it this far. I was unable to do the math when in depression but later it was possible and I got an A. Keep in touch by using messages to the real world and pour your heart out. Life is like that sometimes. There is a release if you can talk about it to someone.

im sorry you are having a hard time. If you can get your self feeling better try to save your education. its import en for getting out on your own. and having a life of your own.take some vitamins they do help. cq10 is expensive but good with a multi. only from a health store. your mother has to look at her own problems. you shouldn’t let her abuse you like that. let her surfer the consequences.a little. you should try to tell her nicely if you can. she is hurting you and your education. and you care about her and want her to be at peace also. i know its not easy now it will pass and try to find a nice friend. it might help and talk to a counsel in school.i didn’t go to school im surfing now.im 44 yrs old but you wouldn’t think so. i don’t have kids but wish i would have helped kids. because i remember the pain my self. but i went into arts and design stuff. i don’t make much money.if you want to talk let me know.take care. good luck. much love to you. feel better. try to sleep its very improten for your health. eat good &amp: heathly when you can

howdy, toddler. you’re at that time the place you could no longer play around with this suicide theory anymore. you should make a determination. do you choose to be observed? do you choose to get help? Is that your clarification for killing your self? no rely if it is, then ok. attempt some thing much less threatening. p.c.. out a drugstore painkiller, look on the optimal dosage, and upload 2 greater pills. Then tell somebody you overdosed (or do it in front of somebody) and you will pass to a scientific institution. probable a psych ward. it is going to the two suck, or you will walk out a sparkling person. you will no longer die, and you probable won’t harm your self, yet you would be taken heavily and observed, and your life will replace. in case you easily choose to take your life, and plan on employing a gun or leaping off a bridge or some thing, end your self. think of approximately why you should stay. Why do human beings stay in any respect? what’s your clarification for living this some distance? in case you could no longer think of of something, discover it. stumble on a fondness. no rely if or no longer it is drawing, an tool, a hobbie, a pastime, regardless of. discover it and make it your life. discover an inspirational discern and look as much as her or him. attempt to make your mark on the international. people who’re depressed are the somewhat smart human beings. we are the intense ones. we are the human beings who could be remembered continuously. you have a ability. Use each and every thing you have. Create some thing. Pour your self into your advent. Make a international to flee to. do no longer attempt drugs – they fail. you at the instant are not a failure. in case you nevertheless sense like crap on a daily basis, I won’t end you. You need to be chuffed. regardless of makes you chuffed. yet a minimum of think of approximately waiting till after college. in view which you could discover your pastime in college. and you could strengthen into somebody. wait and notice, please. Take care&lt:3 you’re enjoyed.

your in college and sounds like your going to be able to be there for the duration, it may be hard but dont give up. keep in touch with your family and even old friends, trust me the last thing you want to do is go missing on the friendship map. imm 22 and i got depressed and let everything go, last year i went 3 mos without talking to anyone beside the random people at stores and such, now im paying for it, even my mama wont talk to me…….. but just hang in there and as long as you dont give up youll be ok

Juliea you sound in really bad shape. You got to get help. You are not getting better and in fact it sounds you are getting more depressed. You can’t talk to your parents and friends are scarce due to your current mental and health state. You need to see a professional immediately

You just gotta stay positive, things will get better, they always do. Just thank God for what you have, and realize it could always be worse.

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