i am new to the whole car audio system thing, can i get some opinions on a few porducts?

i have about 600 to spend, i was thinking about getting 2,
6 4 way speakers for the front and im tossing up between getting some 6x9s for the back or a few components (like woofers &amp: tweeters seperate) + i need an amp, i was thinking about pioneer, i think i can get in with it for under my price range. Also the speakers are 300watt i think how do i know which amp to get? whats the diff between a 600watt amp and a 2000watt amp and why can a 600 cost more than a 2000?

sorry for all the questions at once but any help would be much appreciated

It can certainly be confusing…

Listen, unless you plan on doing bass or audio competitions, then 600w is plenty.

For the low end of the spectrum, Jensen makes some solid products, as does Sony and Kenwood. On the high end, Infinity and Polk Audio make some stellar (though pricey) equipment, as does Kicker.

As for multi-layered (read 3- and 4-way) speakers, I like them. They fit a budget, sound nice, and it is far less trouble hooking up one speaker than, say, three.

As far as amps go, stick with the brands you know, and if you get one new find out about a warranty.

Some amps cost more because of features and other variables. For instance, some amps are made specifically for subwoofers (mono sub amps) and others are made to amp up your whole system (multi-channel amps). Some have built in crossovers, others have built in thermal management processors (for heat control), etc.. It all really depends on how much you want to spend, how much power your speakers are rated to handle, where you’re installing it, and how loud you want your system to be.

Above all, talk to the salesperson. They are (usually 🙂 ) professionals, and can better explain what the differences are between any two given products, as they deal with them on a daily basis. If you feel like the guy at the store is full of it… walk out and go to another one. There is no shortage of electronics dealers out there.

Hope this helps!

Here is a tip that will save you $600 and your hearing. Save your money and just listen to the factory radio. I have spent a fortune on audio equipment for cars and trucks and guess what…..Now I don’t hear as well as I should. I have also sold all of those vehicles and lost good money because I wanted a rocking system. Today’s cars….last 8-10 years worth just about all have some sort of CD and amplified system already installed from the factory. These systems won’t blow out the glass, but they are still loud enough to cause ear damage.
But be it as it may be, if you are determined to toss your money down the drain, check EBay for a decent brand because that Pioneer you want to buy is probably crappier than the factory that you already have.
and to answer you why 600 more than 2000….brand, two channel, four channel, or a hundred other reasons…..just check out what kind of system you want to build and that is the type of amplifier you will need.

id stay away from pioneer. Go with alpine they are always good. Amp costs vary depending on how many chanels it has, how many watts per channel, and how many total watts it has. there are amps for speakers generally 4 channel. 2 channel amps are usually used for subs, if you want speakers in front and back as well as subs you are going to need two amps a four and a two channel. if you just want front spakers and rear subs a 4 channel will do. i have all alpine and my truck bumps. What kind of ride you got? dont get too carried away, some of this stuff can get expensive. and dont go to best buy or circuit city to have it installed, they will rape you for install costs. go to a place that specializes in car audio only
hope this helps

I love my Pioneer Premier system. It works great and sounds awesome. I have no problems with it. I got the head unit, door speakers and my 6×9’s replaced. I also purchased a small amp. Check them out and keep your options open.

hey wats up, for your price, what ur trying to get is somewhat good, but dont go with pioneer anps, i mean yeah pioneer decks and speakers are really good but not the amps.. try to squeeze in a kciker amp if u want bass or infinity…… the different between a 600w and 2000w and the amount of power you want to give to ur speakers, u can ajust to how much watts you want to bring out to ur speakers or subwoofers….

go to caraudiodeals.com they have great prices on packages ( amp,subs,box and wiring kits )the big thing in buying car audio equipment is rms ratings thats how much power it will push or hold normally and sensitivity you want speakers that have a high sensitivity 90 + db’s thats how loud they will be and on an amp you want the s/n ratio to be &gt:95 db’s hopes this helps you decide

Regardless of what brand of amp you buy, be sure it’s CEA-2006 compliant.

go with kicker or alpine products. and check ebay for some good prices.

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