How to read facial expressions and body language?

I was wondering, how are people able to read another persons facial expression I mean i already know the obvious ones but the slight ones are hard is there a book or ( even better ) a free site

It isn’t easy unless you know the person quite well. A shrug can signal dozens of attitudes or feelings. Body signals are not universal by any means, so if you have friends from other countries, don’t assume.
By the way, it’s body semiology, or signals. Language uses verbal or spoken words.
Maybe my imitating the various body and facial &quot:semaphores&quot: at home, you will grasp their intent. Don’t do this with the person you are with, as he or she may think you’re mocking (unless you know that person well and tell them you are trying to feel what the gesture means).

I think I am too much in tuned into my own thoughts… that I don’t even get a chance to take a glimpse at peoples body emotions &amp: expressions. I will only notice those emotions &amp: body language when I am focused on the person whom I am talking to.

Learn from experience. I do have a book of Japanese body language, as it is different than American and was nessecary when I went to Japan. Perhaps there is a book like that!

Well, people go to college for that. Acting school teach it, too.
Even though some empathetic people are naturally good at it (talent), it still require knowledge, and practice.

practice, it takes a while but its easy if you got a girlfriend or a best friend and you monitor them and their expressoins and if you dont know then ask them. what are you thinking right now? and after a while you we memorize them. everyone is different. this one lady who is a client of mine, when she is lying or if she is eating crow (you know going back and doing something she said she wouldnt do) she actully makes a noise.

have a few drinks, that’s all you need.

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