how muuch is the cost price to respray allbody mercedez benz with special effect paint?

when using oven booth spray.

Lots. It will be more than ВЈ2.5k. A colour change involves a lot of labour time for strip out and rebuild, as you would have to paint inside of the doors, sills, bonnet, boot area etc etc. Really not worth it unless you are building a show/custom car and are starting with a bare shell.

Repainting a mercedes is IMPOSSIBLE. if youi want a different color, than BUY a different color. Modern paint jobs are done in absolute and total CLEANLINESS by robots with magnetic water based paint that actually fuses to the metal. Repainting ANY european car will render it USELESS for resale. ALL ancillaries have to be removed, from carpetting to rubber, to glass, to engine and trans, etc. Why don’t you try some large DECALS, instead??? There are MANY art shops that can make ANY special kind of color and pattern from computerized pictures. They are hard to find, but they are out there. They will have special effect decals that can be removed without harming the paint underneath. You get more artistic expression this way, anyways. GOOD luck!!

Just a thought but vinyl wrap is a modern way of achieving the effect you want at less expence and it is not difficult to do with the help of a couple of friends.

Ask a paintshop but to change colour on a car doing a reasonable job you’re looking at ВЈВЈthousands.

Repainting a Mercedes is going to reduce its resale value.

About ВЈ2500

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