How much will Bacrock Hussein Obsama raise the gas prices?

Nope that’s the job of Bush/Cheney and McCain. Big oil companies is who they back.

Do you’ve hardship consisting of your spelling, or are you basically propose lively, racist, and infantile? i’m disgusted with the despicable tries to twist Barack Obama’s call, in an attempt to scare human beings. It proves no longer some thing besides how determined you’re that the days of robbing from the undesirable to provide to the rich are basically about over, and how a thoughts you’re waiting to stay away from to reason branch and worry. settle for the really shown reality that we are finally taking our u . s . a . again and ought to no longer proceed to conflict by, mutually because the rich get richer, or you may proceed to coach how contemptible you may truly be.

Do you have trouble with your spelling, or are you just mean spirited, racist, and childish? I am disgusted with the despicable attempts to twist Barack Obama’s name, in an attempt to scare people. It proves nothing besides how desperate you are that the days of robbing from the poor to give to the rich are almost over, and how far you are willing to go to cause division and fear. Accept the fact that we are finally taking our country back and will not continue to suffer, while the rich get richer, or you can continue to prove how contemptible you can really be.

If he is elected, probably $7 per gallon in 2009, $10 in 2010: $13 in 2011, and $16 in 2012. He proposes to handle the energy crisis by doing nothing. He doesn’t have a plan. McCain will kill him in the debates on energy.

Last I heard Osama bin Laden was still free and hiding somewhere in Afghanistan… but he comes from a very wealthy Saudi family, so maybe you could ask them what their plans are re oil prices.


WHAT will or does Obama or Mc Cain have to do with current gas prices

Call Bush…..last I looked still the President

Congress sets taxes.

Would it be too much too ask to learn about government before being critical of something you know not of what you speak?

Sweet_Hussien_Emotion (Hussien, meaning ‘beautiful’ – unlike a blackheart, beady eyes, or a single brow).

Ric31 ‘cleverly’ hits the projected oil prices regardless of who is elected – due to how far this administration has gotten us behind the ‘8’ ball. Why would anyone ‘prostitute’ their honor/word’ to cover a weasel?

Why do you mock the name Barak? Do you hate Jewish names?

there is a FM Israel PM by the name of E. Barak

since he is not in oil business like bush and he is not a faker most probably he would try to fix our energy problems smart way and not by drilling hols in our liefs

He wont do it, as long as you spell his name right.
And plus, this is congress’s job…Get your facts right.
If theres anyone out there who would raise the gas prices, it would be none other but war monger, McWar

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