Homosexuality- Nature VS. Nurture. Be honest please?

Which one relates to you? Nature or Nurture

I’m not gay or bi-sexual, but i do think it’s a matter of nurture and/or a history sexual abuse(at least once), by either another peer the same age or someone older (maybe an adult) usually of the same sex, introduces the child to the behavior.

This behavior changes a person personality, the very nature of who they are. This is the case for heterosexuals too… Sexual abuse or negative sexual experience – is not cool…

Just my 2 cents! 🙂

I’m assuming you believe in the Bible. Think back to when God created Adam. God gave Adam a wife, a woman, created to fit with the needs of a man. According to the Bible a woman is a compliment or completement of man. The Bible gives no suggestion or idea that this same thing can be accomplished with a person of the same sex. When the Bible speaks of unions that are acceptable in the sight of our Creator it speaks of a man and a woman. If God were responsible for making a person gay, are we to assume that He would not admit it, or make some comment to help us understand that this is a normal part of His purpose? Although many homosexuals say that homosexuality is only condemned in the Hebrew scriptures, it is strongly condemned in the Greek as well. Romans 1:24-32 Notice this scripture talks about homosexuals being &quot:given up&quot: by God, &quot:disapproved&quot: &quot:disgraceful sexual appetite&quot: &quot:changing the natural use of themselves, &quot: &quot:contrary to nature.&quot: You can accept what the homosexual community tells you, or you can accept what the Bible clearly states. It is one thing to do what you want in spite of what the Bible says. It is entirely another to try to change what the Bible is saying. If you choose to live that lifestyle, that is your God-given right to make a choice in that matter. All of us will stand before the judgement seat of God, and in no way am I trying to condemn you. Jesus Christ is the judge that God gives us. Jesus is a very loving individual, but that does not mean that we can just ignore what the Bible says when it does not fit what we want to do. When Jesus judges a person, won’t he take notice of how we responded to what we read from his Father’s word? I have a struggle with my sexual desires too, so please do not think I am judging. But, having the same kind of struggle I feel more inclined to speak with you to let you know that you do have a CHOICE in this matter. Other persons who have been homosexual have changed. See 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 The motivation for changing is knowing that this is something that God does not like, out of love for Him, we are willing to fight against something that brings us a great deal of physical pleasure. Why? Because we realize that is not what He intended for us to be doing, and it is obviously something He does not like. Of course, you will find others that will support what you think, and will tell you it’s ok. But, I ask you, whose opinion matters to you most, God, or other people? Who are you trying to please, yourself, other people, or God?

I don’t think it was nurture as in upbringing and environment. Although I do think that it can be something with in the brain as scientist have been able to determine this about something with the brain.
I also think that it maybe just choice, whatever a person feels the most comfortable with. I also think that it is from past life. If a person was a woman in their immediate past life and are a man in this one and have some sort of unresolved issues in that life, of course they would feel like that are attracted to the same sex because of that. I also think that some ppl are just genetically configurated that way, that it is predetermined.
I also think that it can be choice but with this it is a small percent that I think it is choice. Women are more flexible with being bi and can ‘bounce back’ from a homsexual relationship into a straight one. Whereas men are either gay or they are not.
I also believe that is a role that one can turn on. Tomboys can easily cross over and play that lesbian role. It is like acting like an alter ego in a sense or acting out an opposite side in a sense. If that part can be turned on, meaning by choice, it can also be turned off. This part applies to the choice part.

All homosexuality is ‘nature’ and none is ‘nurture’ … if it was even partly nurture then the percentages in the Kinsey Statistics on Human Sexuality would be different among different animals … I’ve tested as many different kinds of ‘animal’ …. mammal, reptile, fish … and the percentages are the same once adjustments are made for the ‘fantasies and dreams’ since animals can’t ‘talk’ to humans to answer questions about those things. 10% are ‘exclusively homosexual’, 80% are ‘bi-sexual (from being closer to exclusively homosexual to being closer to exlusively heterosexual, and 10% are exlcusively heterosexual. I am a ‘straight woman’ who has had much experience with homosexuals because of my ‘career’ as a psychologist who believes they are ‘normal’ and deserve to be treated as normal even while they have problems due to their sexuality!


Everyone in my family is straight.

I grew up in a conservative fundamentalist Pentecostal evangelical Christian household. My parents come from the Midwest and the Deep South.

All of my friends in my early childhood were straight.

I didn’t even know what &quot:gay&quot: was when I realized my attractions.

It must be nature because everything in my environment was just so heterosexual and when the subject of gays did come up, people were very hostile toward it.

I’m sure if I were not gay, I’d be pretty homophobic at this point in my life. My environment encouraged homophobia.

I remember when my aunt taught me at five years old old to call guys &quot:******&quot: when I punched them.


Good heavens. Ok, let me explain my opinion. I think it’s a combination of genes and environment, but in NO WAY is it a choice. There is a difference between your environment taking part in the shaping of your orientation and actually CHOOSING to be gay. To me, anyone who would do such a thing is not actually gay, or they didn’t actually choose. How can you choose who to love – I don’t know, is that what straight people do, make a logical decision to like the opposite sex? Because that’s not how it works for me…

Most people say its not a choice because they do not remember making a choice, but in light of all the contrary evidence to these statements , for those who believe it to be a choice the evidence points toward there not being a biological cause.Therefore, regardless of the scientifically useless anecdotal in formations( i.e: &quot:its not a choice because I said so&quot:, or &quot:I remember liking boys when I was three&quot: ….) the validity of the choice theory is still as valid as the non-choice theories that have not yet rendered up scientific &quot: fruit&quot:

I, for one, represent the exgay point of view. I was &quot: recruited &quot: by a gay man at the age of 11 and broke away from the gay community and its habits at the age of 25, I am a person who has made the choice to not be gay.I am happily married and because of my own personal experiences side withthe choice side of the spectrum

Personally, I believe that it is related to epigenetics, which would explain why some times identical twins raised in the same home, by the same parents, in the same exact way, occasionally have one gay twin, and one straight twin.

Epigenetics are related to every thing in your life. From places you go, what you drink, and what you eat, to how many times you scraped your knees or what medicines you have taken. Epigenetics are what turn parts of your DNA on and off, because obviously, not all parts of your DNA are active all the time, in every cell (for instance, parts of your DNA for growing toenails, are not active in your liver).

DNA in twins is the same through out their life, but their epigenetics change. New born twins will have the same epigenetics, by five, there are many differences, and by 13 you would never know that they were twins.

Natural….Have you ever seen the movie Kinsey Report??? You’d prob find it interesting. Dr. Kinsey theorizes that everyone is a combo of homo/hetero…..the difference is that some people either lean stronger to one side or another or are somewhere in the middle like bisexuals.

Now beastiality and pedophilia….thats is messed!!! Can’t even wrap my head around it….those ppl are mentally ill.

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