Have you got any weird phobias ?

Mine are: Honey Comb ( that bees make )
Loofahs ( that you wash with )
Beetlejuice ( The film )

Yeah my mother in law,,

I somewhat have an apprehension of heights, i’m able to pass up , yet no longer look down. Spiders, snakes, and the ever worried frog. I have no theory why i’m petrified of frogs, yet i’m. i won’t pass on on the sidewalk, or interior the grass, I basically freeze. And if it jumps, I scream and take off working any incorrect way. i’m additionally deathly petrified of what’s below my mattress. I somewhat have an unnatural concern of somebody grabbing my foot as I stroll by ability of. My husband has continually reported that i’m the only individual he knows who can turn the mild off on the wall and be in mattress formerly it is going out.

I sometimes feel like creepy demonic creatures lurk in my house at night in the dark. I avoid leaving my room in the middle of the night for fear that I will see some creepy possessed dead girl creature crawling on the ground or something. I practically run back to my room and lock the door, even though I KNOW there is nothing there.

I guess it’s just my anxiety and that irrational impending doom feeling it gives me.



Being pregnant – don’t think I could stand something growing uncontrollably inside me, like Aliens.

Lotus pods

People who raise their mug with an open little finger. Scares the s**t out of me..

im scared that a snake or frog will come out of my toilet while im taking a crap and bite my bum.

that my crap will jump on me (i have never ever intentionally looked at my crap). it freaks me out!!

that a monster will suck me into the drain (i dont look down the drain or at it) in the bathroom. EVER. Im sooo scared!!!

Any snake, dead or alive, poisonous or non poisonous. They creep me out because they remind me of something too evil to imagine, Satan. And, I don’t even want to think about him.

Moths are about my only phobia, not too strange though

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